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zkSync ID offers 780,000 USDT in the second reward drop for community members

The team behind zkSync ID has announced the launch of its second reward drop, with a total allocation of 780,000 USDT worth ZKID tokens. The eligibility criteria for this reward drop is on a first-come, first-served basis and includes holding domains from @zknsdomains, @ZNSprotocol, or @era_domain, as well as ownership of .zksync or .era ID from the platform. Those who only own a decentralized ID from the platform are also eligible.

In addition, the event offers an active 70% on-chain discount code for minting a forever valid decentralized ID from the dapp's discord server. Bonus points are awarded for owning a higher number of decentralized IDs, with a maximum of 11 IDs being mintable from one wallet on the platform. The maximum allocation for this reward drop is $500, with a minimum allocation of $25.

The reward drop is part of zkSyncID's efforts to onboard more community members and dapp users. Eligible addresses from previous rounds will not be accepted for this round. It should be noted that this is not a collaborative event with zns, zkns, and era domains and is supported only by zkSync ID.

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