What’s Web3 without IRL events? CityDAO welcomes idea to fund two in-person events next year

What’s Web3 without IRL events? CityDAO welcomes idea to fund two in-person events next year

CityDAO is seriously considering a proposal to fund two in-person meetup events in the coming year.

Earlier this week, CEO Scott Fitsimones proposed allocating $30,000 to subsidizing two events next year – CityDAO Winter Meetup and CityDAO ETHDenver. It is important to clarify that the proposal is still being discussed within the community and has not been put up for voting.

The Winter meetup event will bring CityDAO contributors together to brainstorm on topics such as DAO governance, current improvement proposals, and the future of the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Although a location for the event has not been chosen, Scott said it would likely be in a warm climate.

ETHDenver, on the other hand, will provide an opportunity for “citizens” to explore “the Blanca Parcels, the DAO Labs cowering space, and hang out at ETH Denver.”

As for the planning, a member of the DAO known as Memebrains has offered to plan both events to ensure they go smoothly. His responsibilities will include selecting locations for the events, handling logistics such as car rentals and Airbnb bookings for attendees, and allocating the funds for the events. In the event that Memebrains fails to continue his role, Scott will appoint a new planning lead.

In total, Scott expects the events to gulp around $32,000. While $30,000 will go towards trip logistics, Memebrains will receive a compensation of $2,000 upon successful completion and return from ETHDenver.

Formed under the Wyoming DAO LLC law in July 2021, CityDAO is an experimental project in collective governance and asset ownership. The DAO has since purchased 40 acres of land in Cody, Wyoming to build its future city.

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