Weekly newsletter of DAO highlights | Issue #40

Weekly newsletter of DAO highlights | Issue #40

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Welcome to the DAO Times Weekly Newsletter. We've got 63 hand-picked data points, researched by KAF and polished by Makoto Takahiro, to keep you in the loop.

Think of this newsletter as your DAO compass. Each section gives you brief insights and points you in the direction to explore further. Scan through the newsletter and identify the topics that pique your interest. These will be your starting points for further exploration in areas that align with your goals.

Pay extra attention to the "Proposals to Watch" and "Grants & Opportunities" sections to find ways to get involved. "Latest Reads" and "Podcasts & Panels" are great for expanding your knowledge. "Community Voices" will help you to discover ongoing discussions you can participate in.

We hope you will use the newsletter as a launchpad to explore and contribute to the world of DAOs in whatever direction you choose throughout the week ahead.

DAO News

Jupiter, a Solana-based decentralized exchange, has established its DAO with a starting fund of $137 million, consisting of 10 million USDC and 100 million JUP tokens. 

Uniswap DAO aims to restructure its $6 billion treasury by creating the Uniswap Treasury Working Group (UTWG). Led by Abdullah Umar and Doo, the initiative seeks to diversify investments and reduce dependency on the $UNI token. 

Argent has launched an advanced multisig wallet for Starknet, securing over $60,000,000.

MANTRA Chain has launched a community staking platform for its token $OM, in response to a proposal approved by its DAO. This platform allows staking $OM on Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC, offering single-asset staking pools.

CoreDAO has been successfully audited by Halborn regarding the security of its smart contracts for the launch of CoreBTC.

SquiggleDAO has secured a $1 million loan through Zharta, setting a record in digital art and NFT financing.

Arbitrum has launched AnimeChain in collaboration with AnimeCoin and Azuki. Key figures from Azuki, including @locationtba and @whizwang, highlight AnimeChain's potential to improve the anime industry through blockchain technology.

SuperVerse DAO is launching a $100 million Inevitable Games Fund to advance Web 3 gaming, partnering with Immutable, Polygon Labs, and King River Capital. Aimed at enhancing play-to-earn games across Web3 platforms, the fund targets high-quality games, supporting SuperVerse's goal to unify the gaming industry.

Data Ownership Protocol (DOP) has started minting DOP tokens, keeping its promise to do so by the end of the first quarter. Now, participants from the private sale, testnet completers, and Testnet round participants can claim their tokens. DOP has introduced a zero-knowledge KYC verification.

MoonbootsDAO (MBDao) has started its sales. They call themselves a premier tokenized venture capital powerhouse, whatever that means.

Safe(DAO) is considering a key proposal that, if passed by April 15, 2024, would allow SAFE tokens to be transferable starting April 23. 

Syndicate has unveiled Degen Chain, a Layer 3 (L3) platform tailored for the @degentokenbase community. This initiative positions $DEGEN as the gas token.

UltiverseDAO is teaming up with SwordsnDungeons as its exclusive distribution partner to bring MMORPG GameFi 2.0 to its 3 million+ community.

Ink Finance has reached over $2 million in TVL on Polygon PoS, supporting protocols, VCs, and DAOs in conducting transparent, regulatory-compliant fundraising and liquidity operations.

The Chainge DAO has launched, introducing decentralized governance with a focus on vXCHNG token staking for both voting power and sharing in 80% of the company's profits.

DAO Maker has launched the 5x Allocation Swap Button. This mechanism allows users to tap into Private IDOs by leveraging $DAO tokens.

OSEAN DAO, a multichain Real World Assets crypto initiative centered on the yachting industry, has achieved a 1 million MarketCAP milestone and is approaching 1000 holders.

Carbon Browser's recent DAO proposal to burn 2.5% of each $CSIX transaction on DEX platforms like Pancakeswap v3 and Uniswap v2 has been approved, involving over 2.3 million $CSIX tokens (~$200,000 USD).

Metis Governance has recently seen the successful approval of key initiatives, including partnerships and collaborations with Althea Network, Fyde Treasury, Gains Network, and imToken Official.

The PeopleDAO community has elected its new Multisig Governors through PIP47, with 0xAA, Mosa, Rohekbenitez, MatterTurbulent, pikachu, and bartosjiri_ | OG winning substantial support, and 0xAA topping the vote count. 

Nexera DAO's AB-NXRA-6 proposal has been approved, launching a campaign aimed at community-driven growth and brand expansion.

The Landshare community has approved a proposal to create a listing fund for the $LAND token, with more than 96% support. 

SEED Club has announced eight companies building “category-defining” consumer crypto products.

DeXe Protocol has released its decentralization roadmap.

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Proposals Deserving Attention

The Arbitrum DAO is reviewing a proposal to dedicate $3.3 million to fostering a memecoin-friendly environment on its Ethereum layer-2 blockchain. 

Prisma Finance is holding a crucial DAO vote ([PIP-033]) on its financial infrastructure's evolution, proposing to phase out outdated LST and LRT vaults.

Jupiter Exchange is conducting a vote on a crucial budget proposal for its first Community Working Group (CWG).

Sidus Heroes has proposed a major token burn event to eliminate 1,316,875,000 SIDUS tokens, 5.8% of the total supply, worth about $14.5 million.

The API3 DAO is reviewing a proposal for a $4 million private funding round from venture capitals, offering 1,423,500 API3 tokens in exchange, with a 12-month unlock and 6-month cliff.

DappRadar DAO's DCP-20 proposal seeks to refine RADAR's liquidity strategy on Ethereum by adjusting SushiSwap V2 rewards, balancing liquidity growth with impermanent loss risks.

MetaCartel DAO is voting on using its entire 38.5 ETH treasury to fund the legal defense of Alexey Pertsev and Roman Storm.

Shutter DAO 0x36 is evaluating a proposal by Cornelis Theodorus van der Klooster to create a SHU/USDC DEX pool on a cost-effective blockchain, aimed at improving transaction efficiency. 

The Open Campus DAO is deliberating on a $15k budget proposal from the European Students Blockchain Coalition (ESBC) for blockchain education enhancement at universities. Proposal OC-P 7 aims to establish a global network of student blockchain associations, promote access to blockchain events.

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Community Voices

Vitalik Buterin highlights the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) as an example of transitioning to full decentralization under the control of a DAO.

Chef.sol expresses optimism for small DAOs, highlighting the efficiency of DAOs sized between 100-200 members as the ideal for success.

Dr.flowscience envisions small communities as future curators of human knowledge.

Kenny suggests that memecoins evolve into effective DAOs with wealth generation, potentially outperforming "serious" DAOs in productivity.

Charlie Ambrose discusses the challenge of assessing the impact of grants within DAO ecosystems.

Jon Hillis suggests the idea of DAOs as "group chats with a shared bank account" could appeal broadly if made accessible to everyday users.

RageOfPotato criticizes the limited diversity in DAO governance.

Rafa redefines DAOs as networked enterprise ecosystems focused on a shared mission and resources.

Frisson highlights the resilience and growing adoption of DAOs among leading crypto products, despite bear market doubts.

Do you consider that if a DAO proposal is not on-chain, it is not a valid proposal?

Latest Readings

Kerman Kohli discussed the "airdrop trilemma" of capital efficiency, decentralization, and retention, suggesting a balance is rare but crucial for success. He introduces the "Sybil coefficient" data-driven strategies for effective airdrops.

Russel analyzed Optimism's governance, focusing on the OP token's role.

Keith Ammon and Bill Ardinger explored New Hampshire's HB 645, proposing legal personhood and limited liability for DAOs, offering a solid legal framework distinct from traditional LLC.

Chris Were discussed Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks' (DePINs) potential to challenge tech monopolies by democratizing access to the internet, energy, and data storage.

Tommylower.eth and Gigarahul provided a framework to understand and engage with DAOs based on strategic, financial, governance, community, and technical metrics.

Dara Khan emphasized the importance of flexible team structures in DAOs, exploring models like Parent DAOs with Sub-Teams and Councils, and advocating for governance experimentation.

Podcasts & Panels

On the DeSci Podcast, Seemay Chou, Co-founder & CEO of Arcadia Science, shared insights into how the company is moving beyond the traditional academic boundaries.

The "Just DAO It!" podcast with Adam Miller featured discussions with Jango and Filip from Juicebox about the protocol's security and development, as well as insights into DAO governance.

Oasis Network’s @willfullhodl hosted a X Space on privacy solutions for DAOs.

Techquitable's episode with DRC Fellow @shreyjaineth explored his journey from Microsoft to collaborative efforts with OpenAI.

Erik Voorhees shared his Bitcoin journey and ShapeShift's transformation into a DAO, along with his insights on AI and decentralization.

A discussion between @owocki and @fifthworldzach delved into transforming Web3's capital allocation, highlighting Coordinape.

The Co.Lab Venture Pitch Day was showcased as an event where twelve web3 ventures, selected from over fifty, competed for support from ArbitrumDAO and RnDAO.

Grants & Opportunities

Optimism is inviting developers and creators to explore Builder Ideas, a curated list of project proposals that align with the Optimism Collective's objectives. This initiative is part of Optimism's Retro Funding system, designed to reward meaningful contributions to the ecosystem.

Gitcoin is supporting projects that enhance Ethereum's infrastructure and developer resources through its Web3 Infrastructure and Developer Tooling and Libraries Rounds.

The Arbitrum Foundations Grants Program is moving into its third phase with a focus on a new structured system called "grant tracks" to support dApp development within its ecosystem. 

The ENS DAO's Public Goods Working Group is reopening its Small Grants program, allocating 7.5 ETH to projects benefiting the Ethereum ecosystem.

OpenCivics’s quadratic funding grants program is set to launch on April 9th, now featuring over $45,000 in ETH thanks to an extra $25,000 in matching funds from the Gitcoin Community Council.

Cyber is launching a $2 million Ecosystem Grants Program. The program aims to back projects focusing on social dApps and developer tools. 

Dtravel has unveiled its Growth Incentives Program. These initiatives aim to reward properties with higher bookings, promote stays at unique locations within specific areas, and support a dense network of bookable properties.

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