Weekly newsletter of DAO highlights / Issue #15

Weekly newsletter of DAO highlights / Issue #15

From Sushi DAO's brewing legal battle with US regulators to top builders on Nouns Builder, the DAO space is never short of activities. Here's a run down of some of the top stories from the DAO space over the past week.

Top Stories

Sushi DAO receives subpoena from US SEC

Although the details of the witness summons are still sketchy, Sushi DAO alongside its Head Chef Jared Grey have received a subpoena from the US Securities and Exchange Commission. According to Grey, the DAO was cooperating with the SEC and do not intend to comment publicly on ongoing investigations. However, a proposal has been presented to the community on the establishment of a “Legal Defense Fund” to cover the legal costs for core contributors.

1inch DAO to use “Fast Track Proposal” for emergency situations

1inch DAO has approved a proposal to create an alternative streamlined governance process that can be used in emergency situations such as deploying 1INCH on new networks or enforcing changes to the DAO’s governance process. Dubbed “Fast Track Proposal,” the new update will reduce the time needed to pass a proposal from 8 days to 3 days.

Can Bitcoin hit $1 million in the next 3 months? Former Coinbase CTO thinks it will

Popular crypto personality and the former CTO of Coinbase, Balaji Srinivasan, has unveiled a new campaign called #BitSignal. While the campaign is intended to warn people about the brewing financial crisis caused by the actions of banks and regulators, Balaji has added an interesting twist to the mix. He is offering $1 million in Bitcoin to anyone that can show the banking system's insolvency and how Bitcoin is superior.

LinksDAO to purchase Scottish golf course after winning bid

Golf-centric Web3 collective, LinksDAO, is primed to purchase the Spey Bay Golf Club in Scotland after winning the over $900k bid. Despite the initial success CEO Jim Daily has disclosed that the DAO would continue to aggressively search for U.S.-based options. Meanwhile, the sale is expected to be finalized in early April and may be higher than $900k.

An overview of some interesting DAO projects on Nouns Builder

In this article, we explore seven interesting DAO projects that are worth checking out on Nouns Builder. Nouns Builder is a powerful tool that allows anyone to create and manage their own DAO community in minutes.

A deep dive into how DAOs could transform the gig economy

DAOs are disrupting a number of industries. Join us as we explore the rise of decentralized organizations and their impact on the job market. DAO Times delves into the opportunities, as well as the challenges and risks associated with working in decentralized environments.

Gitcoin DAO adds a post-vote “reconsider” option to governance process

While smart contracts and blockchain transactions are immutable, Gitcoin DAO will be adding a mechanism to overturn already ratified decisions to its governance process. Over the past week, the DAO passed a proposal to add a “post-vote” reconsider option to its governance process. This means that members of the DAO will be able to appeal already ratified proposals.

A look at Arbitrum’s transition to community governance

In this article, DAO Times writer, Kofi Whelan, shares his thoughts on Arbitrum’s push towards decentralization and community governance, and what other builders can learn from the transition.

Other News

  • Aave DAO will be rolling out some improvements to its governance process. One of the updates entails renaming ARCs to “Temperature Checks (TEMP CHECKs).
  • Discussions to create an objective-based liquidity option for stETH are currently ongoing in Lido DAO.
  • Origin DAO has approved a proposal to increase the staking rewards for Season 3 of the OGN staking program.
  • Aave V3 is set to be deployed on Metis Andromeda Mainnet following a DAO governance process.
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