Weekly newsletter of DAO highlights / Issue #14

Weekly newsletter of DAO highlights / Issue #14

With DAOs going mainstream, the Ukrainian government has partnered with Aragon to launch a DAO-focused educational initiative. Meanwhile, popular Layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution, Arbitrum, is days away from unveiling its DAO after announcing that users will be airdropped the new ARB token on March 23.

Join us as we explore some of the hottest DAO stories over the past week.

Top Stories

Aragon launches DAO-centric educational initiative in partnership with the Ukrainian government

The popular no-code DAO builder solution, Aragon, has teamed up with the Ukrainian government on an initiative aimed at advancing DAO education in the region. The project, which is meant to empower both students and educators, will come in the form of online courses and workshops that introduce participants to the foundational concepts of DAOs, smart contracts, and blockchain technology. Aragon will be working with a number of local educational institutions and NGOs to deliver content in English and Ukrainian.

Stargate Finance suspends plans to reissue STG tokens

Following a recommendation from the Stargate Foundation, StargateDAO has backtracked on its earlier plans to reissue STG tokens to all holders. The change in decision comes amid comments from FTX liquidators that “they will aggressively pursue damages” if the protocol should follow through with its re-issuance plans.

Arbitrum inches closer to adopting a DAO governance structure

One of the leading players in the Ethereum layer 2 scaling landscape, Arbitrum, is on the verge of embracing a DAO structure. The protocol officially announced its plans to adopt a decentralized governance structure for the Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova networks on Thursday. As part of the process, Arbitrum users will be airdropped the new ARB token on March 23, marking the beginning of its DAO. The DAO will have the power to control key decisions at the core protocol level.

Atrium gets community backing to create feature-length NFT movie for NounsDAO

A proposal to create a feature-length NFT movie based on Nouns NFT characters has been approved by NounsDAO. The NFT film, Nouns: A Movie, will be created by Atrium and feature several story acts that can be pieced together to "form the first feature-length cinematic content introducing Nouns to the world."

Prop House #Issue 2

Join us as we take a look at some of the upcoming and live funding rounds on Noun’s Prop House. Notably, Headline’s experiment on decentralized journalism is accepting content around the subject. The round is open to everyone and the top 5 submissions will each be funded with 2 ETH.

MakerDAO looking to reduce exposure to USDC stablecoin

MakerDAO is currently considering a proposal to reduce its $3.1 billion exposure to USDC stablecoin. The proposal trailed the depegging of the USD Coin stablecoin that began on March 10 following news that Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank had collapsed.

Other News

  • Responding to the imminent depletion of the GFI rewards allocated to liquidity providers (LPs) and Backers, Goldfinch DAO has approved a proposal to split its remaining GFI rewards between LPs and Backers using a 40/60 sharing ratio.
  • Gearbox DAO has passed a proposal outlining the long and short-term tasks of its recently incorporated Foundation.
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