Weekly newsletter of DAO highlights / Issue #13

Weekly newsletter of DAO highlights / Issue #13

New grant proposals have started trickling into Decentraland DAO just days after a two-month pause was lifted. Meanwhile, Stargate Finance is set to reissue its native token to all holder amid concerns of a possible breach from compromised Alameda wallets.

In case you missed them, here's a roundup of some of the latest DAO stories over the past week.

Top Stories

Decentraland DAO is back to accepting new grant proposals

Two months after enacting a pause on grant proposals, Decentraland DAO has started accepting new grant proposals. The short break, which was intended to give delegates and voters time to recuperate and evaluate past decisions, ended on February 28. Interestingly, the DAO received seven separate grant requests within the first four days of resuming uptake.

Another US state recognizes DAO structure

DAOs have continued to gain more ground IRL. Over the past week, the Utah State Legislature passed Act HB 357, the Utah Decentralized Autonomous Organizations Act (Utah DAO Act). The new law will legally recognize and confer a limited liability status on DAOs legally framing them as “Utah LLDs.”

StargateDAO approves a proposal to reissue its native STG token to holders

Following a DAO governance process that ended on Monday morning, fully composable liquidity transport protocol Stargate Finance will reissue its native STG tokens to all holders. The decision comes amid fears of illegitimate STG transfers from compromised Alameda wallets. Starting on March 15, the popular cross-chain protocol will commence the process to reissue 1 billion STG tokens.

NBA-centric Krause House rolls out an NBA Charity Program

Krause House alongside Web3 crowdfunding platform Juicebox has launched an Ethereum-based bounty fundraiser with an interesting twist. The “first-of-its-kind initiative” will allow any NBA player who is able to complete a 50+ point game after NBA All-Star Weekend to claim and donate all the funds from the fundraiser to a charity of their choice. To kick off the charity bounty program, Krause House seeded the bounty purse with $1,000 worth of Ether.

CB Recruitment’s efforts to receive compensation from Sushi DAO meet a dead end

It appears CB Recruitment’s attempt to get Sushi DAO to compensate it for recommending its current Head Chef has met yet another roadblock. Over the past week, members of the DAO settled for a “no remuneration package” option during a community signal voting session. From the look of things, the Web3 recruitment agency may not be paid for the services offered.

A journey to the past: Books that defined the concept of decentralization in the 19th century and earlier

Although the concept of decentralization appears to be the rave of the moment, it is not particularly a new phenomenon. As a matter of fact, it has been a recurring theme throughout human history. Join us as we explore ten books that defined decentralization in the 19thcentury and before.

Other News

  • In a bid to foster community-organized activities, Doodles DAO has passed a proposal that sought to launch a Community Fund (DCF). The fund will receive 9.99 ETH to run a six-month pilot program, after which a decision will be made to continue or discontinue the DCF. Meanwhile, 90% of the capital has been earmarked for reimbursements, while the remaining 10% will be used for rewards.
  • MakerDAO, the DAO behind the DAI stablecoin, is currently mulling over the idea of investing an additional $750 million in US Treasury bonds.
  • BIP 206, a proposal to deploy Balancer on Avalanche, has been passed by Balancer DAO.
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