Weekly newsletter of DAO highlights / Issue #12

Weekly newsletter of DAO highlights / Issue #12

As usual, the past week has been quite eventful for DAOs. From Balancer DAO's foresight to setup an ecosystem council to handle possible regulatory issues to Cardano's push toward decentralized governance, here's a rundown of some of the top stories from the DAO space.

Top Stories

1inch DAO support Turkey’s earthquake victims with $100k

In the aftermath of Turkey’s devastating earthquakes on February 6, 1inch DAO has voted to support two relief funds with a $100,000 donation. The donation has been split equally between Anka and BanklessDAO Turkey Disaster Relief Fund and will go towards helping victims who are faced with severe shortages of food, shelter, medical supplies, and clean water access, among others.

Aavegotchi moves to close GHST bonding curve

Arguing that the GHST Bonding Curve had “outlived its initial purpose,” AavegotchiDAO has passed a proposal to close the GHST Bonding Curve in a controlled way. The decision will ultimately depeg GHST from the DAI token, with the nearly 20 million DAI from the curve equally distributed to Pixelcraft Studios, the DAO treasury, protocol rewards, and liquidity.

Balancer DAO takes steps to protect major ecosystem participants and service providers

On Monday night, BIP-198 was passed by Balancer DAO with nearly 93% support from the community. The improvement proposal will create an Ecosystem Council to protect major participants (MPs) and service providers (SPs) operating within the Balancer ecosystem. In line with this, an extra $750,000 will be added to the self-insurance fund.

Web3 security company Hacken transforms community into DAO

As part of its new Hacken HAI Tokenomics update, Web3 security company Hacken has revealed that it will be transforming its community into hDAO, as well as distributing 10% of its equity for 100,000,000 HAI tokens. Meanwhile, HAI holders will be able to invest in the future of the company and potentially reap the benefits of its success.

Cardano begins journey toward decentralized governance

Towards the end of last year, Cardano revealed that it was actively working on final the epoch of its five-era roadmap. Known as the Voltaire era, the development phase will introduce elements of decentralized governance to the leading blockchain. Join us as we explore Cardano’s past and present push toward decentralization.

Decentralized Science, aka DeSci, is proving to be another interesting use case of the DAO concept. In this article, we explore what they are and how they are disrupting the scientific research industry.

Other News

  • Earlier this week, the 1inch community approved a proposal to build a dedicated analytics dashboard for the 1inch ecosystem. The platform will improve the accessibility of key protocol information, allowing users to analyze details such as main KPIs, activity, treasury, and token-related metrics.
  • Decentraland DAO is mulling over the idea of giving wearable creators more flexibility. A draft proposal seeking to introduce a new Exotic rarity tier has been passed. Meanwhile, the DAO has continued to struggle with certain governance processes. Recently, the Decentraland DAO Grant Support Squad ruled against reinstating a grant secured by MetaTrekkers, a decision that has somewhat divided the community.
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