Weekly newsletter of DAO highlights / Issue #11

Weekly newsletter of DAO highlights / Issue #11

From LinksDAO's attempt to purchase a golf course to the continued governance fracas within Decentraland DAO, we've got a line up of interesting DAO stories from the past week.

Top Stories

Aragon debuts new tech stack for DAOs

Aragon is set to unveil its new tech stack for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) during EthDenver. The popular platform for building DAOs made the announcement on Wednesday, stating that it was working on “the most user-friendly tech stack for DAOs.” The new product will be showcased through a series of events during EthDenver, including a workshop, a keynote speech, and a booth at DAO Town in the EthDenver Events Center. Participants will also be allowed to build a DAO on a testnet using the new Aragon OSx protocol.

dYdX DAO cuts trading rewards by 45%

dYdX DAO has approved a proposal to lower trading rewards by approximately 45% from 2,876,712 DYDX to 1,582,192 DYDX per epoch. According to the proposal, trading rewards are currently too high and contributed the highest share to yearly token inflation.

Decentraland DAO continues to struggle to appoint a new committee member

Although Decentraland DAO has passed the second of three stages to confirm and appoint a new committee member, there appears to be some turmoil in the community. Earlier this week, a draft proposal to confirm Tobik as the winner of the committee election was approved by the community. This will be followed by a Binding Governance Proposal to ratify the decision and formally appoint Tobik to the committee. However, it appears the process has degenerated into a battle between whales.

How to find DAO and Web3 jobs

Are you looking to pursue a career in the world of DAOs or any other Web3 niche? Our ultimate guide to finding a job in Web3 will help you navigate this emerging industry and score a gig in the space.

Uncovering one of Decentraland DAO’s whale mystery

There has been a lot of drama in Decentraland DAO over the selection of a new member to join the committee. The governance process has been largely influenced by whale activity. In this article, DAO Times takes a journey back to how District X was formed and how one of its early leaders usurped power for himself, ultimately becoming a whale within the DAO.

DAO TOKYO releases first list of panelists, begins ticket sales

DAO TOKYO has released the first list of speakers for its upcoming blockchain and cryptocurrency conference. The event, which is set to take place in Tokyo on April 23, 2022, will feature notable names in the industry, such as Maxwell Kanter from Gitcoin, Lukas Schor, Co-Founder of SAFE DAO, and Matt Wright, DAO Lead at ConsenSys. Meanwhile, ticket sales for the conference have already started, with the standard ticket going for $120 and a limited hoodie-included ticket priced at $200.

ApeCoin DAO to welcome WebSlinger as new Ape Foundation administrator

Following a DAO vote that ended on Thursday morning, ApeCoin DAO has picked WebSlinger to become the new administrator of the Ape Foundation. WebSlinger will be providing services related to compliance, finance, legal, operations, and treasury management for the foundation.

Other News

  • dYdX DAO has voted to launch a market maker rebate program, a move geared towards ensuring the sustainability of the decentralized exchange.
  • An open-source tower defense creation kit is now live on Decentraland for users to experiment with.
  • LinksDAO is looking to purchase the Spey Bay Golf Club in Scotland following a community vote.
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