Vesper DAO sunsets pools with low participation

Vesper DAO sunsets pools with low participation

Vesper DAO has passed a proposal to retire a number of pools with low participation. The decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will move to close new withdrawals and withdraw funds from these protocols.

Over the weekend, members of the Vesper community voted in support of a proposal to retire several pools. The idea received 100% support from the community. Consequently, some pools in the Grow, Earn, and Orbit categories will be migrated into a “retirement” status. These pools include:


  • Aggressive DPI, Conservative USDT, Conservative DAI




  • FEI, AlUSD

At a smart contract level, deposits to these pools will be paused and strategy rebalancing will be halted. And at the front end, the pools will display a “retired” status while the “deposit” button will be removed. It is worth clarifying that although the pools have been retired, users will still be able to withdraw funds from the app, but will no longer be able to earn yield. Furthermore, no new deposits will be allowed.

Several Vesper pools have experienced extended periods of low demand. This may be attributed to low yield opportunities and/or a lack of interest surrounding the deposit asset […] Vesper utilizes revenue from yield earned as gas for all pool operations. Pools that do not achieve sufficient deposits cost more in gas to operate than they contribute in revenue. This diminishes the overall revenue model, decreasing the amount of VSP bought back for depositors.

According to the proposal, retiring these pools could help the protocol realize better revenue without shortchanging the general user experience. Notably, the protocol could save between $5,000 and $10,000 annually in operational expenses from the decision.

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