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Unlocking the Power of Incentives: Butter Proposes Three-Month Incentivized Delegate Program for Aave

Delegating voting has become common practice in decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) as a way to streamline decision-making and encourage community participation. In line with this trend, the vote delegation protocol, Butter, has proposed a three-month incentivized delegate program for Aave DAO to explore the impact of incentives on various aspects of the DAO’s governance.

The proposed program is intended to address key questions related to incentives and their effects on delegate candidates, DAO governance, token holder interest in compensating delegates, and voter participation.

The program will allow voters to use Butter to elect a delegate who will work on a strategic initiative within Aave DAO for a three-month term. At the end of their term, delegates will be rewarded with a portion of the rewards generated from the Aave Safety Module, with a small percentage also allocated to voters and Butter.

The already passed proposal will receive $15,000 in AAVE to fund the campaign. The program will serve as a pilot initiative to gather valuable data and insights on the impact of incentives on various aspects of DAO operations.

One of the key areas of exploration in the proposed program is the impact of incentives on delegate candidates. By incentivizing delegates with rewards, the program aims to attract capable and committed individuals to take on the responsibility of representing the community's interests.

Another aspect of interest is the impact of incentives on DAO governance. DAOs are known for their decentralized decision-making processes, and incentivizing delegates may affect the dynamics of decision-making within the Aave DAO.

Furthermore, the program will examine token holder interest in compensating delegates. Compensating delegates for their efforts in representing the community is a complex issue. It will help gauge token holders' willingness to allocate a portion of the rewards generated by the DAO to compensate delegates for their time and contributions.

Lastly, the program will explore the impact of incentives on voter participation. By incentivizing voters with a share of the rewards, the program aims to encourage more token holders to actively participate in the voting process and delegate their voting power.

The proposal was first put out on the Aave Forum on February 10, 2023, by a user named @noturhandle. Thirteen candidates applied for the campaign, each presented as voting options in the Snapshot proposal. TokenLogic received the highest percentage of votes (24.94%).

According to TokenLogic’s delegate initiative, they will focus on two core pillars during the 90-day campaign period – “supporting the adoption of GHO and migration of liquidity from Aave Polygon v2 to v3.” Other areas of focus will include revenue growth and live financial reporting.

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