The ongoing struggle for the Decentraland DAO to appoint a new committee member

The selection of a new committee member has gotten complicated. District X, Decentraland devs, and a more significant question as to how the DAO can move forward in appointing a third committee member.

The ongoing struggle for the Decentraland DAO to appoint a new committee member

The Decentraland DAO moves into the second of three stages to confirm and appoint a new committee member. Of the five candidates, Tobik received the largest allocation of voting power, and now the DAO votes on the draft proposal to affirm or deny Tobik being confirmed as the winner. If Tobik receives sufficient support in the draft proposal, it will become a binding governance proposal, and the committee will look to potentially gain a new member.

The results of the initial poll were as follows:

AwedJob received 2%: 34 votes (233,216 voting power)
Champ received 1%: 24 votes (182,545 voting power)
Martriay received 7%: 8 votes (777,253 voting power)
Szjanko received 29% : 108 votes (2,916,218 voting power)
Tobik received 60%: 76 votes (5,811,308 voting power)

The Mysterious Whale Backing Tobik

An old proposal links the wallet address 0xed7461fd98758a84b76d6e941cbb92891443c36f, a whale with four million voting power who has supported Tobik and led him to win the initial poll despite not winning the popular vote, to District X.

District X has supposedly been hijacked by a single person, Robert Lynn, who leverages the enormous voting power of all the land in the district to divert and pervert the democratic nature of the DAO.

A Whale Versus A Whale

Another whale MetaArchs, with 3.8 million voting power, has voted against Tobik as a committee member. It is worth noting that the last time the DAO looked to add a new committee member, the choice was between the same five candidates; MetaArchs voted against all five.

However, in this round of voting, a Decentraland developer Seanny announced they had voted no with MetaArchs’ voting power to counter the influence of Robert Lynn, allowing the community a fairer vote.  

The Way Forward

Huge arguments broke out in the comments, and DAO members openly voiced their feelings of injustice regarding the influence of Robert Lynn. A passage within the proposal outlined that DAO operators will create a pathway for adding/ removing committee members with the Governance dApp. Given the sentiment of the DAO members, it looks like this will be the most appropriate manner for selecting a new committee member.

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