The Instaverse Tower promises quick onboarding for Decentraland

The Instaverse Tower promises quick onboarding for Decentraland
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The proposal asks for $116,400 to bring an “Instaverse” to Decentraland. The Instaverse would help influencers and brands, and along with them the wider public, onboard to the Metaverse in mere hours.

The proposal comes from Johnny Kartakov, CEO of DappCraft, a company that is already quite involved  in building new features into Decentraland.

The Instaverse would help creators and influencers on Instagram bring their profiles into the Metaverse. It would scrap the pictures in the profile and transpose, via an AI texture generator called Stable Diffusion, the profile into a living unit. Think of a showroom.

The unit is planned to be housed in the “Instaverse Tower.” A property in Decentraland which comes as part of this proposal. Each Instaverse Tower will have a size of 4x4  and 15 floors. This will allow providing services for about 150 owners per Instaverse Tower. Other online platforms like Facebook, from which profiles can be scrapped and brought into the Metaverse, would soon follow.

The project comes with three milestones, scheduled for the ends of February, April and June of 2023.

  • Milestone #1 completes a landing page with three steps: Instagram-based scene generation, automated scene deployment to Decentraland and the AI texture generation for the scene.
  • Milestone #2 brings: Payment system integration for subscription, A/B testing and a land deployment delegation for landowners, so they can get paid for subscriptions.
  • Milestone #3 sees the Instaverse Tower fully built, a skyscraper for Decentraland.

Despite the vote being in favor of this grant proposal, it attracted a lively discussion in the comments. Commenters wondered why a grant should be given to a for-profit project, which after a free period of 6 months, will monetize its users.

“The project is focused on bringing more people to the Decentraland, which brings more usage and utility to MANA. DAO treasury is based on MANA. This way we contribute to (the) DAO (in an) indirect way,” the user Instaverse responded.

People still asked for a more direct contribution, in the form of a percentage going back to the DAO.

It seems there are still questions to be worked out, as this moves forward. But that it will go its way seems clear, since the voting will close on the 5th of December and the vote stands in its favor.

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