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The Hummingbot Foundation has a new poll regarding the sorting of centralized exchange connectors

The Hummingbot Foundation recently conducted a poll to sort centralized exchange connectors into three tiers: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The poll was conducted to promote a more structured and transparent Hummingbot ecosystem. The Foundation will allocate different levels of maintenance to each tier of exchange, ensuring better support to the community.

Binance has been selected as the Gold exchange for the next quarter. This means that the Foundation's engineering team will build and maintain Binance's connectors. These connectors will be the template for all other connectors of that type. The Foundation will prioritize the maintenance of Binance's connectors, ensuring their smooth functioning., Kucoin, and Ascendex have been selected as the Silver exchanges. While the Foundation will continue to maintain these exchanges' connectors, they will also be improved by community developers. The Foundation will support Gold and Silver exchanges by running testing bots and giving HBOT rewards to users who help with community questions.

Any exchange with a Minimum Voting Power of 100K is a Bronze exchange. The Foundation won't maintain these exchanges' connectors or give bounties for them. These exchanges may be maintained by a member of the community. Exchanges that don't meet the Minimum Voting Power will be removed.

The new poll and tier system have brought transparency and structure to the Hummingbot ecosystem. The Foundation's maintenance and support of different tiers of exchanges will provide better support to the community.

The Foundation's engineering team will be working on improving the Gold exchange connectors, while community developers will be able to participate in improving the Silver exchange connectors. The Bronze exchanges will be maintained by the community, providing an opportunity for community members to get involved in the development of the Hummingbot ecosystem.

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