The Decentraland DAO treasury

An overview of the current state of the Decentraland DAO's treasury: revenue vs. expenditure.

The Decentraland DAO treasury

At the time of writing, the Decentraland DAO treasury contains 38.5 million MANA tokens, 1.28 million DAI tokens, 3,110 USDC tokens, 41.7 MATIC tokens, 35.2 ETH tokens, and 25.7 WETH tokens.

In dollar terms, the DAO treasury holds approximately $27.3 million worth of assets at the current market price. The DAO holds the vast bulk of this value (roughly $25 million) in MANA.

The DAO’s Expenditures

In the last thirty days, the DAO spent $1,506,236. A 25% slowdown in expenditure judged against the previous thirty days. The DAO paid out $361,231 to various grants, and the other $1,145,005 of expenditure comes from non-categorized or one-off transactions.

The DAO’s Revenue

In the last thirty days, the DAO generated $1,429,619. This figure is up 59% from the prior thirty days. Non-categorized revenue made up $1.38 million, with the wearable submission fee being the next largest contributor to revenue.  

The 10-year vesting contract that deposits MANA into the DAO treasury remains the core source of the DAO’s income. This contract began in 2020 and will allocate 222,000,000 MANA to the DAO over the decade, steadily increasing the size of the DAO’s funds.

The DAO has several income streams, such as transaction fees from Decentraland marketplaces and the OpenSea marketplace, but these pale compared to the vesting contract.

The Future

Organizations that want to continue operating need to generate more money than they spend. The DAO has funded 140 incredibly diverse grants and provided close to $8.5 million to these projects.

This basic economic principle has helped push the name minting fee proposal through the pre-proposal and draft proposal stages, finally entering the binding governance vote. This would direct the last burning mechanism of the DAO and see the funds redirected toward future growth, the reason for this substantiated in the following article.

The DAO’s treasury balance has increased in value following the recent market move upward, but despite this, it has still been spending more than it has been making. Decentraland DAO members voting in favor of directing the name minting fee to the treasury hope this mechanism will be another move in the right direction for the DAO to possess a positive cash flow.

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