The ApeCoin DAO election for Special Council and Governance Stewards phase 2 has ended

The ApeCoin DAO election for Special Council and Governance Stewards phase 2 has ended

The much-awaited ApeCoin DAO election began on Friday, June 16, and concluded on June 22. The election garnered significant attention from both Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) members and those outside of these communities.

The election featured controversy surrounding the compensation and grants of its Special Council Members. Despite this, ApeCoin DAO held two separate elections, one for Special Council members and one for Governance Stewards.

Special Council Election

The ApeCoin DAO's Special Council is composed of five members. Three council members, Steinbeck, Bajwa, and Wu, stepped down in November 2022, and BoredApe G, Vera, and Gerry were inducted as new council members after a community vote. Their term begins on January 1, 2023. The positions currently available are Alexis Ohanian's and Yat Siu's expiring positions.

The election was held in three phases. First, the Special Council election phase took place from May 7-27th, during which applicants were invited to put themselves forward for the Special Council. There were originally 21 nominees, but Evil and Houdinifr removed themselves from consideration.

Next, the community discussed the nomination profiles of those who passed the KYC and background verification process from May 28th to June 11th. Finally, the community voted for nominees via Snapshot to select five election candidates from June 16th to June 22nd. The five elected candidates are:

  • capetaintrippy (3.3M APE 22.01%)
  • ThreadGuy (2.8M APE 18.49%)
  • KarmaPocket (2.7M APE 18.13%)
  • swickie (2.4M APE 16.19%)
  • Waabam (2.2M APE 14.66%)

In phase 3, there will be one voting round during which the community decided which two of the five candidates would become the next special council members. Their term will begin on July 1st.

Governance Steward Election

In addition to the Special Council election, the ApeCoin DAO also held an election for Governance Stewards. There were nine nominees, from which five were selected for Phase 3 voting. The two candidates who received the most votes in Phase 3 voting will serve as the newest Governance Stewards. The elected candidates are:

  • AllCityBAYC (4.1M APE 35%)
  • 0xSword (2.3M APE 20.23%)
  • tigerisfine (2M APE 17.2%)
  • Sasha (1.7M APE 14.76%)
  • ssp1111 (739K APE 6.38%)


The results of the Special Council and Governance Steward elections have been announced. Five candidates were selected for the final round of voting from a pool of 21 nominees for the Special Council election. In the Governance Steward election, nine candidates were nominated, with five advancing to Phase 3 and two being selected for the position in the third phase. The winners of both elections will begin their terms on July 1st.

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