TalentDAO to launch experiments to test different governance strategies

TalentDAO to launch experiments to test different governance strategies

TalentDAO, the world's first decentralized community-reviewed publication protocol for the social sciences, is set to launch a series of governance experiments in partnership with Collab.Land and RaidGuild.

The trio will be testing several voting strategies and reputation systems with the aid of the Discord-based Zodiac bot module. They will explore voting strategies such as ranked choice voting, reputation weighted voting, quadratic voting, and the one-person-one-vote model.

The results of the experiments will be open source and will be used to develop the Zodiac bot module, a new tool that extends Discord-based voting to execute transactions on-chain over a Gnosis Safe. According to TalentDAO, the first iteration of the bot module is expected to be fully implemented in Discord this month, with experiments launching soon after. Consequently, the DAO is calling on DAO enthusiasts to participate in the experiments.

The tests will be open to Talentbot holders, Orange Protocol Verified users in the TalentDAO community, holders of the Writers Guild or Research Staff governance badges, and social media followers. While it is no longer possible to become an Orange Protocol-verified user, interested individuals can become eligible to participate by following TalentDAO on Lens or by joining the TalentDAO social media flock.

In addition to helping drive tooling innovation in the DAO space and getting early access to a possibly revolutionary governance tool, participants will be paid and also earn reputation NFTs.

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