Sushi DAO rejects compensation package for CB Recruitment

Sushi DAO rejects compensation package for CB Recruitment

Following a community signal voting session that ended on Friday night, Sushi DAO has decided that it will not be compensating CB Recruitment for recommending the DAO’s current Head Chef, Jared Grey.

In September 2022, the specialist blockchain recruitment company, a subsidiary of Coin Bureau, nominated Paul Walton and Jared Grey to join the race to become SushiSwap’s Head Chef. For its services, CB Recruitment demanded a 30% fee of the winner’s annual salary if either of its candidates was elected as the next Head Chef.

In October, Jared eventually became Head Chef after receiving more votes than four other candidates. However, CB Recruitment has been unable to get any compensation from Sushi DAO since then. There has been a lot of back and forth over the issue.

CB Recruitment had initially asked for $150k. However, as a gesture of good faith, the firm lowered the fee to $100k, proposing a new payment plan. The three proposed options were:

  • $50k USDC + $50k Sushi tokens paid immediately after a DAO vote,
  • $50k USDC paid immediately after a DAO Vote + an extra $50k Sushi tokens paid 1 year after Jared assumed his role as Head Chef (assuming he is still in office), and
  • $50k USDC paid immediately + $50k USDC paid 1 year after Jared began functioning as Head Chef, assuming he’s still in post.

However, the recent community signal added a fourth “no remuneration package” option.

Data on Snapshot shows that the governance process received 850 votes. Approximately 55% of the voting power opted for the “no remuneration package” option, while 24% of the community choose to abstain from the voting process.

Although it is currently unclear what CB Recruitment will do next, the firm had earlier said that "if they [Sushi DAO] wish us to be involved longer term, we’d like to be paid for our services. If not, we part with a handshake."

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