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Shapeshift DAO renews tenure of Operations Workstream for a fourth term

On Tuesday night, the DAO passed a proposal to fund its Operations Workstream for another six-month term, from February 1 to July 31, 2023.

Shapeshift DAO has approved a proposal seeking to extend the tenure of its Operations Workstream by another six months. The workstream will receive $262,500, a 20.45% reduction in funding from the previous term. Approximately 92% of the voters were in support of the decision.

The Operations Workstream has been touted as an “integral part” of the Shapeshit ecosystem, providing “essential resources and tools for efficiency, organization, and overall product and services health that are vital to the success of the DAO, the product suite, its contributors, and $FOX token utility.”

The unit is responsible for maintaining the Triage tracker, The ShapeShift Dework bounties board, deployment and regression testing, production issues, and DAO administration.

According to the proposal, renewing the contract of the ops workstream will allow it to continue its collaborative work with other workstreams and increase the efficiency of individual procedural processes across the DAO.

Meanwhile, the team has developed some new practices to streamline collaboration and the administration of procedures, including marketing content reviews, RDP disclosure management, Gitbook documentation management, and several others. They wrote:

These procedures and collaborations allow the Engineering workstream to spend more time building and deploying; the Product workstream to spend more time scoping, designing, and implementing; the C-Mods more C-Mod time, etc…

The ops workstream will retain Tyler as its leader, with others like Tshifty, Ron/PTT, MBMaria, and Wesleygraves as Operations Assistants.

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