Shapeshift DAO outlines roadmap for Q1 2023

Shapeshift DAO outlines roadmap for Q1 2023

On Monday night, Shapeshift DAO approved a proposal for the first phase of its roadmap in 2023. Approximately 90% of the community voted in support of the priorities outlined in the roadmap for Phase 1.

The objective with the proposed roadmap is for ShapeShift to become the easy-to-use, decentralized platform that gives users a single place to view their portfolio and DeFi positions while earning yield, swapping, and bridging assets seamlessly between EVMs, UTXO-chains, and Cosmos zones.

Over the next three months, ShapeShift will be prioritizing the development of a number of features, such as Saver Vaults, onboarding three new EVMs, sunsetting Portis wallet, Swapper 3.0, Cosmos staking and Yearn integration revamp, integrating 1inch & LiFi to swapper, Metamask Snaps, and several others.

The core engineering team is expected to wrap up the Osmosis bounty program by mid-January, this includes Native wallet and Keplr support. Similarly, the DAO will add three EVMs – Optimism, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain. It is worth mentioning that ShapeShift is also pursuing grant opportunities through the EVM integrations.

As for Portis, the wallet will be sunset by the end of January. Moving forward, it will be removed from ShapeShift and users will be given a migration path to a native wallet.

According to the proposal, the roadmap will give ShapeShift a unique position to attract a larger user base.

As of press time, work was already ongoing on features like Saver Vaults, Osmo staking, Osmo swapping multi-account, and Portis wallet support. However, the dev status on Optimism chain support, Swapper 3.0, Binance and Polygon chain supports, trade settings, and bridging reveals that work has not yet started.

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