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RARI Foundation to launch a Twitter bot that displays real-time marketplace info

RARI Foundation has passed an on-chain vote to develop a Twitter bot using the Rarible API. The bot will automatically share real-time events from the Rarible marketplace, such as top sales, trending collections, top buyers and sellers, and top collections.

According to the proposal, which was presented to the community in October, the bot will “increase Rarible’s brand awareness by creating opportunities for users to engage directly with Rarible’s content on Twitter.”

Rarible Protocol has one of the best NFT APIs in the space, and we want to showcase that for Rarible. The only other way to achieve the same results would be to hire a team of social media managers. But a team of social media managers would be slower and more expensive. A bot is so much better.

Tasked with building the Twitter bot are  Andrei and Cody, the co-founders of BotFrens, a company that uses bots to boost the online presence of brands on social media. BotFrens has worked with a number of crypto-native companies, including Art Blocks 1, Nouns, Moonbirds, Foundation 3, Tiny Dinos, and several others. “We’ve been working closely with Rarible’s dev team to launch 100s of bots using Rarible Protocol API,” Andrei said in the proposal.

The bot will be configurable through the BotFrens UI, displaying relevant data from the Rarible NFT marketplace. It will also run on the Rarible bot Twitter account. Meanwhile, the dev team will receive a total of 5,320 RARI (about $9,000 at current market prices). 3,600 RARI will be used to fund development, and the remaining 1,720 RARI will be used to pay for support and a one-year BotFrens premium account.