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Rari DAO plans to launch a delegate launchpad program

The Rari DAO has proposed a delegate launchpad program that aims to attract new delegates and boost DAO participation. The program will be designed to cultivate a vibrant community of members with relevant skills and experiences who can engage in the discourse of decentralizing the NFT infrastructure. The delegate launchpad program consists of the Rari Foundation delegating a fixed amount of veRARI for a fixed amount of time as long as applicable delegates met the required criteria and maintained an active DAO status for the duration of the delegation. The suggested mechanism is based on ideas proposed by the community during strategic workshops held on May 18 and 25 and related feedback.

The current DAO participation is low, both in terms of voting and discourse and in terms of proposal submissions. The delegate launchpad program aims to jumpstart the DAO activity to get more traction on proposals and community discourse. The Rari Foundation has just rolled out delegation incentives, which produced moderate results. The delegate launchpad program will enable the DAO to screen qualified applicants for the kind of skills, experience, and motivation that the DAO can benefit from in the long run and, at the same time, elevate the new delegates within their communities.

The program is a pilot from which the Rari DAO will learn and improve on future initiatives designed to grow DAO participation. The DAO aims to onboard 15 new delegates through this program during the summer of 2023.

The program recipients need to demonstrate a track record of DAO participation: vote on at least 60% of proposals (in any given 30-day period), provide a rationale in the DAO's discussion forum on voting decisions, and be, within reason, responsive to the community. If these criteria are not met or if the delegate demonstrates behavior at odds with the DAO's code of conduct, the foundation can revoke the delegation at any given moment.

The total program budget is 30,000 veRARI, which translates to 90,000 $RARI locked for a period of 6 months (6 months lock with 3 months slope to support the delegation mechanism). The program budget is allocated from the Rari Foundation's Treasury and remains in Rari Foundation's management until revoked, in order for the Foundation to have the ability to deploy the program again, upon alignment with the community.

The enrollment period for the program is tentatively scheduled from w/o June 26 to w/o July 10, with candidate selection taking place on w/o July 17, selected delegate onboarding on w/o July 24, and delegation and program kick-off on w/o July 31.

Overall, the delegate launchpad program is a step towards building a vibrant and active DAO community. The program is designed to fast-track the active DAO participation of new members and cultivate a community of members with relevant skills and experiences who can engage in the discourse of decentralizing the NFT infrastructure.

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