Push DAO updates Grants Program, makes it easier for builders to access funds

Push DAO updates Grants Program, makes it easier for builders to access funds

Earlier this week, Push DAO approved a proposal to update the Push Grants Program (PGP). The update will expedite the process of seeking funding, making it “more useful, faster, and engaging.”

Launched earlier this year, the Push Grants Program funds contributors who wish to build their projects on the Push Protocol ecosystem, thereby fueling the adoption and expansion of the protocol. The first iteration of the program was funded with $1 million, and the initiative has so far funded 4 grantees, including a Bounties marketplace, Push content producers, a Social Hiring platform, and a Pixel 2D multiplayer online game.

According to the proposal, the first iteration has been found to be quite sluggish. Notably, every request for funding needs to gain enough traction before it can move to the polling phase and then voting on Snapshot. The update, however, seeks to streamline the entire process.

We believe implementing this new process will improve the speed at which Push Grants Proposals get executed, and create a healthy feedback loop for Push and Grantees… Push Grants Program v2.0 serves an even bigger purpose as it also places Push Protocol in a strategic point to start exploring more DAO2DAO collaboration opportunities.

Moving forward, every grant request will begin by submitting an application through the Grant Proposal Form. The Push Grants Committee will then review the proposal and handle it based on the size of the grant. Grants of $2,000 and less will fall under the “Push Rapid Grants” category and will be treated within one to two weeks.

For relatively larger grants of $20,000 or less (Push Grants), candidates will be required to “submit their proposal to in the forum for a temperature check” after an initial interview with the grants committee. The proposal will move to a formal Snapshot vote if enough positive feedback is generated from the temp check. Meanwhile, grants greater than $20,000 will come under the “Push Community Grants” category and will follow the same steps mentioned above.

Jafett Sandi, Governance Lead at Push Protocol added to the article:

We are humbled and grateful with the support received regarding our new Push Grants Program. Each Grant application allows us to learn more about what's being built in the web3, and to give back to a community that has helped us get where we are today.

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