What is $OOO token from DAO Times?

What is $OOO token from DAO Times?

The $OOO token project is taking a new direction, focusing on long-term growth and utility. We have redesigned the token to reflect the growth of the DAO Times platform, creating a symbiotic relationship that benefits both the token holders and the brand.

This token will be appealing to individuals who prefer to diversify their portfolio with a token that grows from the bottom up at a very slow pace. It will also be attractive to those who are willing to regularly contribute to content distribution through simple actions.

This token is not suitable for those seeking hype, short-term pumps, or pump and dump schemes.

Basic information

Token address in Solana blockchain: Am95JAXZUfri14yQqYWK1JtoaLm8hqG8V2tT7CVWUwLv

Ticker: $OOO

Dexscreener page: https://dexscreener.com/solana/7pHczVQMctAv4Ly7gqqsS2VU2Cm6Q7qg5MirhftFjn7e

X (Twitter): https://twitter.com/dao_times

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/daotimes_com

$000 Token Utility

  1. We will create exclusive advertising packages that can be purchased using $OOO tokens. This will provide a new use case for the token and drive demand.
  2. In collaboration with the community, we will establish a content distribution network, partnering with other news platforms to republish our news and sponsored content. This will increase the visibility of the DAO Times brand and, in turn, enhance the value of the $OOO token.
  3. We expect the $OOO token holders to actively participate in the growth of the platform. By sharing our articles and promoting the DAO Times brand, the community will directly contribute to the token's value appreciation. Every new person who interacts with the brand will increase the value of the $OOO token.
  4. Starting immediately, you can use $OOO tokens to pay for the publication of press releases, sponsored articles, and even sponsored tweets on our platform. This is a starting option that we will expand and improve together with the community.

We will integrate a call-to-action for purchasing $OOO tokens into the website design. This will create a stronger connection between the brand and the token, as every reader of our articles will also be exposed to the $OOO token, making it easy for users to understand and participate in the token ecosystem.

The Virtuous Cycle

  1. DAO Times publishes news and distributes it through our channels.
  2. $OOO community amplifies the reach by sharing the content through their networks.
  3. Increased brand visibility leads to a rise in the value of $OOO tokens.
  4. We attract advertisers and publish sponsored content.
  5. The community promotes the sponsored content and helps attract more advertisers.
  6. The community can also directly bring in advertisers, e.g., by informing projects on pump.fun (and other platforms) about the opportunity to purchase sponsored articles using $OOO tokens.

By working together in this manner, we will achieve harmony between DAO Times and the $OOO token community.

Dev Team Commitment

The dev team has purchased 15% of the $OOO token supply and has not sold a single token. We have invested our time and savings into this project and will continue to do so. No other team from pump.fun has shown this level of dedication.

Instead of selling $OOO for quick profit we will use 10% of the total supply for an airdrop that will increase the number of token holders by tens or hundreds of times.

The remaining 5% will be gradually distributed to active community members as rewards. We will also allocate a portion of these tokens to reward the creator of a universal meme that connects DAO Times and $OOO.

Communication Channels

Our primary communication channels will be our X account and Telegram group. We invite the community to join us in these spaces for productive discussions and collaboration. Or just follow for updates.

For sponsored post inquiries, business proposals, collaborations, and ideas, it is most effective to reach out to us via email at contact@daotimes.com. Alternative channels for these purposes include X or Telegram PMs.

About DAO Times

DAO Times is a news platform that has been covering the crypto and blockchain industry for over a year, during which time we have published over 500 news articles. We have proven that we are not a one-day project, but a serious and long-term undertaking. With the launch of OOO, we are reaching a new level of development. We have a lot of positive reviews about our work from real members of the crypto community.

  • “I believe you’re bringing great value to your community members, educating and informing them” (Libertas Finance)
  • “I am very impressed. Your coverage of the DAO ecosystem is thorough, timely, well-researched, and fair.” (Frisson)
  • “Good job with this website you're running. Keep the good work, and thanks for spending your time this way” (mazafaka.eth)
  • “We commend the work you are doing to push the Web3 industry forward. Keep up the great work” (Cindicator) 
  • “Fascinated with the quality of content and every story around DAO shared” (Subham Surana)
  • The best content around DAOs that I’ve seen (Utkarsh|Schrodingrrr.eth)
  • “Your work in this space is already fantastic! Thank you for what you do” (Jawna.ETH)
  • “Love that you're reporting what's going on in various DAOs!”(Adventurous Ape)
  • “DAO times is one of my favorite media in the DAO ecosystem” (Kiyoaki)
  • “Love the work you are doing to build cool things in web3” (Accelchain)
  • “The concept of DAO Times looks really amazing!” (Nihar Thummar)
  • “I enjoy their coverage of DAO-related topics thus far.” (Stn)
  • “This a great work that you're doing” (Gino Cingolani)
  • “DAO times is extremely good” (artdapp1)

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