Psychedelic Community Seeks to Raise Awareness through Gitcoin Grants

Psychedelic Community Seeks to Raise Awareness through Gitcoin Grants

The Psychedelic Puppet Show is initiating its first Gitcoin round to fund the development of psychedelic content and live events, with an emphasis on DAO governance. The organization has been preparing for this initiative since May 2023, working with Ben West to establish a strategic direction and understand their needs.

The non-profit's board includes Dr. Brad Necyk, Dr. Pam Kryskow, Aaron Munson, and Scott Nelson, with Brad Necyk as Executive Director and Ona Praderas as Community Engagement Officer. The organization has a network of individuals in the psychedelic field, such as Paul Stamets, Rick Doblin, Jason Silva, and Alex and Allyson Grey, and collaborates with various psychedelic organizations.

The Psychedelic Puppet Show is contributing $10,000 USD in matching funds from a private Bitcoin donation received in November 2023. The organization's advisors for this round are Scott Nelson, Shawn Anderson, Adam Szymanski, and Ben West.

Eligibility criteria for the round require projects to support the creation of a decentralized community that produces content related to psychedelic science, therapy, cultural practices, historical uses, or spirituality. Projects should fit into one or more of three areas: artist creations, live events, or DAO governance, and be willing to collaborate with the organization for implementation.

The non-profit plans to fund 6-8 projects that offer growth and benefits for the organization and community. The organization is seeking proposals that will help expand its reach in three key areas: artistic projects, live events, and DAO governance.

The Psychedelic Puppet Show will work with Shawn Anderson from Longtail Financial to explore the use of Hypercerts and DeReSy to improve the grant assessment process, aiming to ensure transparent and impactful funding decisions. The organization believes in the potential of psychedelics and the arts to shape public perception and prepare society for change.

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