Prop House Issue #2: Upcoming and Live DAO funding rounds

Prop House Issue #2: Upcoming and Live DAO funding rounds

Do you have an idea that could enhance the operations of a DAO? Prop House has become an infrastructure to onboard and fund builders within DAO communities. The popular bootstrapping mechanism allows DAOs to fund creators to complete initiatives.

Here’s a rundown of some of the upcoming, live, and current voting funding rounds on Prop House.

Upcoming Rounds

Open Kitchen Rounds

Coming from FOODNOUNS, a so-called tasty fork of the NounsDAO, the upcoming Open Kitchen Rounds will run from March 16 to 23. The rounds will be open to builders, chefs, foodies, grandmas, and virtually anyone that loves food. Although the details of the rounds are still sketchy, at least one of the participants will be funded with 0.25 ETH.

OnChainMonkey Season 2 Rounds 2 & 3

Following the successful launch of Season 1, which revolved around “OCM Brand and Community Building,” OnChainMonkey is back with Season 2. The theme for the second season will be “Building out the Banana Economy.”

The timeline for Season 2 is three months, divided into three distinct rounds. According to the description of the season, each round will fund two builders with 5 ETH to implement their ideas. While Season 2 Round 1 (S2R1) is already accepting proposals, S2R2 and S2R3 are scheduled to start on March 27 and April 24, respectively.

Live Rounds

Headline House Request for Content

Headline, an experiment in decentralized journalism, is currently looking to fund 5 crypto journalists with 2 ETH each. Its “Request for Content” round is currently receiving proposals on Prop House and will stay open until March 22.

Interested crypto journalists are free to choose whatever style of writing best tells their story. The round is open to everyone and could be either “a completed work, a pitch, or even just a bio and a rough direction.”

Nouns Stories Shorts

Sequel to the completion of its first short film, The Wizard's Hat, Nouns Stories has started receiving entries for its next project - Nouns Short Shorts Film Festival, premiering mid-2023. Nouns Short Shorts kicked off on February 27 and will stay open until March 14. Five winners will get $7500 USDC to create a 15s comedic animation due May 1.

The rules are quite simple. The animation must be funny, at least 15 seconds, feature at least one Noun, and be made specifically for the festival. With less than 24 hours to the deadline for the submission of proposals, the round has received over 40 proposals.

Nouns Open Round 16

Open Round 16 is available to all builders and anyone with an ETH address. Participants have the freedom to propose ideas that they think could be beneficial to the Nouns ecosystem. The top 5 proposals will each receive 0.5 ETH at the end of the voting period. The round will run from March 7 to March 14.

As of press time, the prop round had received 31 proposals, with some suggestions like a customized Noggle cushion for a Nouns Theme Hotel Room in Singapore, Nouns Workshop, kids’ book, video series, and several others.

OnChainMonkey Season 2 Round 1

As already mentioned, OnChainMonkey is currently accepting proposals for its second season themed “Building out the Banana Economy.” Proposals for the first round of Season 2 will close on March 13. As of press time, the round had received 15 distinct proposals, ranging from an AI art workshop contest to a magazine publication, a novel, mini-game, custom sneakers, banana chips, and an IRL treasure hunt, among others.

Nounish Onion Art Contest

The Onion Art Contest will reward 4 creatives who submit art that “proliferates the onion head” theme. It could be anything from a meme, a photo, video, or song. The winners will each receive 0.05 ETH.

Meanwhile, submissions will close on March 14, and so far, there have been 21 entries.

Voting Rounds

UMA House Round 37

Voting is ongoing on UMA’s Round 37. The first CC0 character-based NFT project is going to reward five individuals with a slot to mint 1 UMA NFT each.

18 votes have been cast, with the leading proposal being an idea to launch the first cc0 beer, which will feature UMA characters in the beer packaging. Next in line is an on-demand UMA merch shop with multiple options. Voting will close on March 13 at 11 PM GMT +1.

Private Voting Research Sprint

With a prize pot of $70k USDC, voting is ongoing on the “Private Voting Research Sprint.” The top three proposals will each receive $70,000 to build a solution around private voting for DAOs.

With just 10 days to the end of voting, no group has been able to meet the requirement of gaining at least 300 votes. As of press time, only 204 votes had been cast.

However, the three leading proposals are:

  • A private voting solution from Aragon and Aztec, which will enable minimal off-chain dependency via Ethereum storage proofs & timelapse encryption.
  • A custom cryptographic scheme called DeFROST to handle all Nouns DAO private voting requirements by DigitalOil and Poseidon.
  • An Axiom-based user-friendly private voting with trustless checkpointing by Axiom.
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