Prop House Issue #1: Upcoming and Live DAO funding rounds

Prop House Issue #1: Upcoming and Live DAO funding rounds

In the first half of 2022, Nouns DAO began an experiment to fund projects that further the meme of Nouns. Known as Prop House, the experimental approach to deploy capital within the DAO has since evolved into a public infrastructure to onboard and fund builders within DAO communities.

Prop House is more or less a handy bootstrapping mechanism that allows DAOs to fund creators to complete initiatives. DAOs hold funding rounds in their community houses where builders can propose ideas to get funded. The top proposals get funded at the end of the voting period. To date, the platform has facilitated the funding of nearly 1,000 ETH projects.

In this article, DAO Times presents a rundown of some of the upcoming, live, and current voting funding rounds on Prop House.

Upcoming Rounds

Private Voting Research Sprint

The upcoming funding round by Nouns House is targeted at solutions around private voting for DAOs, particularly, Nouns DAO. Three teams of ZK/cryptography researchers will each receive a grant of $70,000 worth of USDC to deploy a solution within three months.

Each team is expected to submit its designs, along with an analysis of the limitations and benefits of the design plus a working proof-of-concept.

To win, a proposal must be in the top three and receive at least 300 votes. Teams can start submitting their proposals from February 6.

Nouns Open Round 14

As the name implies, Open Round 14 can be accessed by all builders and anyone with an ETH address. Contributors are free to propose any idea they believe will benefit the Nouns ecosystem. The top 5 proposals will each receive 0.5 ETH at the end of the voting period. The round will run from February 7 to February 14.

Meebits Round 3

The mandated round will fund one contributor with 5K $APE to deploy an idea that utilizes Meebits in an interactive, digital, or physical experience. This could be in the form of a game, physical product, or video content.

It is worth mentioning that the idea must integrate $APE into the experience to qualify for the grant funding. Contributors can start submitting their proposals from February 6.

Live rounds

Script for a Lil Nounish Video

Following the approval of a proposal for community-scripted Lil Nouns videos, the Lil Nouns community is on the lookout for writers and creatives to create the script for a 1-minute animation video. Although the topics are open to iteration, applicants can create content about how DAOs work, the decentralized ecosystem, or other parts of the Nouns DAO.

0.4 ETH will be given to two creatives that receive the highest number of votes. Meanwhile, the deadline for submission is midnight GMT+1 February 3, 2023.

UMA Round 32

Coming from UMA House, the first CC0 character-based NFT project, the round will give five individuals the opportunity to mint a UMA NFT. As of press time, only one proposal has been submitted, with submissions slated to close on February 4.

According to the description of the round, the best proposals are expected to provide details on what a participant is building and the timeline for creation.

Nounified pets: NounsBR token giveaway

Here’s your chance to win a NounsBR NFT. The community will be giving out NounsBR NFTs to ten individuals who submit the best photo of a “nounified pet.” This could be anything from a dog or cat wearing noggles or a nounified background or accessories. Submissions are open until February 11.

Voting rounds

Nouns Amigos “IRL meetings”

Although not in English, the round is focused on funding eight nounish meetups in different Spanish-speaking cities. Voting is ongoing and will stay open until February 5. The winners will receive 0.25 ETH and an Amigo NFT.

Nouns Japan Open Round 7

The open round encouraged builders to propose ideas they believe could benefit the Nouns DAO Japan ecosystem. The round received a number of interesting proposals, including a suggestion to deliver vegetables directly from farmers to consumers, promotion of the DAO to a Japanese audience, donation of real Nouns glasses, an ENS clone for Nouns DAO Japan, and several others. In total, there are 37 proposals in this round.

As of press time, the round, which is scheduled to end on February 5, had received only 4 votes.

Anata Grassroot Marketing Initiative

Voting is currently ongoing for the best idea to promote Anata and the general brand. The three top proposals will each receive 3 ETH to bring their plans to fruition. So far, three proposals appear to have stood out – a bi-monthly webtoon series for Anata World, 100 NFT exclusive access passes, and a 175-piece showcase content for Anata. Voting on the proposals will end on February 6.

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