Web3 Gaming Project TURNUP Announces First Bid & Earn NFT Auction

Web3 Gaming Project TURNUP Announces First Bid & Earn NFT Auction

TURNUP, one of the highest-ranked games on Polygon, has unveiled the world's first Bid & Earn NFT Auction, grabbing the attention of the  Web3 gaming and the NFT minting communities. This innovative auction mechanism promises to redefine the relationship between gamers, NFTs, and auctions, creating a unique and risk-free opportunity for participants to engage with coveted in-game assets.

TURNUP's Bid & Earn auction introduces a paradigm shift where every bidder emerges victorious. Unlike traditional auctions where only the highest bidder secures the item, TURNUP's model ensures that even unsuccessful bids yield rewards. For every outbid, participants receive 105% of their bid amount, offering a safety net against potential losses. The auction culminates with the leading bidder claiming the sought-after game NFTs, presenting a truly win-win scenario for all involved.

Scheduled to debut with the highly anticipated collection auction for its flagship game, Crypto Trillionaire, on March 14th at 8 PM HKT, TURNUP anticipates a vibrant and dynamic auction environment. Notably, the top three bidders throughout the auction stand to win grand prizes, further heightening the excitement and competitiveness among participants.

With over 245,000 on-chain players eagerly awaiting the auction, TURNUP's Bid & Earn event not only empowers users to acquire valuable NFTs but also enables them to influence the rarity of their assets. The auction duration directly impacts the rarity index of the NFT, fostering a sense of ownership and customization within the community.

TURNUP's ecosystem extends beyond mere gaming, offering users a comprehensive platform for discovery, consumption, and creation across various game genres and titles. By integrating features such as live chat and streaming capabilities, TURNUP fosters real-time interaction and collaboration, enhancing the communal gaming experience.

As Panda, an early community contributor, aptly summarizes, "We've seamlessly blended the idle game mechanics with intricate strategy elements to create a gaming platform that is easy to pick up and deeply engaging. Our goal was to create a community platform that makes Web3 gaming accessible to everyone."

In just two months since its Beta launch, TURNUP has achieved remarkable milestones, including 245,000 on-chain players, over 21,000 daily active users, and 9.5 million on-chain transactions. Additionally, TURNUP accounts for 24.6% of Polygon's daily transactions and has emerged as the #1 game on Polygon, solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the Web3 gaming landscape. TURNUP also announced their partnership with #1 NFT project Pudgy Penguin and #1 Avalanche Meme project COQ. 

Embracing Web3 Gaming For All within the TURNUP Ecosystem

TURNUP's Bid & Earn NFT Auction represents more than just a novel approach to gaming; it embodies the ethos of democratizing access to Web3 gaming for all. By offering a risk-free avenue for acquiring NFTs and fostering community engagement, TURNUP is at the forefront of redefining the gaming experience in the decentralized era.

The TURNUP ecosystem prioritizes consumer utility and social accessibility, ensuring that users can seamlessly navigate across multiple game genres and titles. With a single device and a single URL, players can immerse themselves in a diverse array of gaming experiences within the TURNUP platform.

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