Ouinex Joins Forces with Netdania to Launch Advanced, Secure and User-Friendly Crypto Trading Platform

Ouinex Joins Forces with Netdania to Launch Advanced, Secure and User-Friendly Crypto Trading Platform

Ouinex, a pioneer in blockchain solutions, has partnered with Netdania, a renowned name in trading software and analytics, to launch a cutting-edge cryptocurrency trading platform. This collaboration aims to set new standards in the crypto trading world by leveraging the strengths of both companies, as announced in a press release. The partnership signifies an advancement in crypto trading technology because it combines Netdania’s advanced interfaces with Ouinex’s innovative Web3 backend technology, the announcement said. 

The collaboration will address the growing demand for more secure, transparent, and user-friendly trading platforms. Netdania, established in 1998 and part of United Fintech, has a rich history of providing top-tier financial technology solutions. Their client base includes Tier-1 investment banks and brokers, underscoring their credibility and expertise in the financial industry. Their proficiency in creating market data solutions, trading technology, and data visualization forms a robust foundation for the new venture with Ouinex.

Ouinex, known for its regulated and secure spot crypto and derivatives trading solutions, brings the best of traditional finance (TradFi) electronic trading infrastructure to the Web3 space. Its innovative universal cross-margining capabilities allow users to trade TradFi instruments using their crypto holdings as margin. This fusion of TradFi and Web3 elements is central to the new platform, aiming to transform user expectations regarding functionality and security in crypto trading.

Ilies Larbi, Co-Founder and CEO of Ouinex, emphasizes the transformative potential of this partnership: "Our partnership with Netdania reflects Ouinex's dedication to innovating secure trading solutions in the cryptocurrency sector. The platform will transform expectations regarding functionality and security in crypto trading. We are bringing the best of TradFi Tech to Web3." 

Empowering Traders with Cutting-Edge Technology

At the heart of the Ouinex-Netdania partnership is a commitment to empower traders with state-of-the-art tech. Netdania’s advanced solutions include a suite of sophisticated trading platforms with feature-rich functionalities. These platforms focus on enhancing the user experience through customizable interfaces and robust security features, catering specifically to active and experienced traders.

The platform for Ouinex will be built on a framework of OpenAPIs, which would allow clients to integrate their own widgets into the platform seamlessly. This flexibility ensures that the platform can quickly adapt to market trends and the evolving needs of traders, providing a dynamic and responsive trading environment.

Ouinex’s partnership with Netdania will offer a more intuitive, secure, and customizable trading experience. This alignment with trader needs reflects a broader trend in the financial technology sector towards greater personalization and user empowerment. The initiative highlights the continuous innovation driven by the need to provide traders with cutting-edge tools and solutions. As the platform rolls out, it is set to empower traders with unique functionalities, ensuring they stay ahead in the fast-paced world of crypto trading.

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