MetaHub APAC Summit 2024: A Spectacular Showcase of Web3 & AI Innovation

MetaHub APAC Summit 2024: A Spectacular Showcase of Web3 & AI Innovation

Over 2000 attendees were captivated by a series of dazzling events, showcasing the remarkable advancements in Web3 & AI technology.

The MetaHub APAC Summit 2024 presented an impressive blend of artistic light displays and cutting-edge 3D technology, alongside strategic activities that provided comprehensive insights into the Web3 & AI market and project vision. These elements were successfully encapsulated in two segments: The Lead of Light and MetaHub Elite Gathering. Here are the highlights from the MetaHub APAC Summit 2024, held at 1:30 PM on June 23rd, 2024, at the prestigious Tan Son Nhat Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City.

A Global Perspective on the MetaHub APAC Summit 2024

After nearly two months of meticulous preparation and extensive networking with strategic advisors and partners across the Asia-Pacific region, the MetaHub APAC Summit 2024 delivered its most exhilarating moments within “The Lead of Light” – a grand fusion of light, sound, and 3D technology, and “MetaHub Elite Gathering” – an elegant, intimate dinner featuring strategic insights from project representatives. 

Surprises and Insights from MetaHub CEO Mr. James Croyle - Mr. James Croyle captivated attendees with his surprise appearance and heartfelt opening speech: “Today’s summit is not just a celebration but an opportunity to explore the vast potential and opportunities MetaHub brings. We are honored to welcome strategic advisors, top global investment fund representatives, and over 2000 attendees. Your presence is a testament to our growing community and continuous support, driving MetaHub toward prosperity.”

Key Highlights: What Drew Over 2000 Attendees and Hundreds of Global Guests?Attendees were enthralled by the grand and mesmerizing opening, featuring stunning 3D Mapping performances. With themes of light beams, astronauts, and time portals, MetaHub APAC Summit 2024 transported viewers into a multi-layered, awe-inspiring universe.

The comprehensive journey of MetaHub Finance’s conquest of the Web3 and AI markets was vividly and emotionally animated through interactive 3D performances, capturing the essence of the leaders of light – The Lead of Light. The performance concluded with the image of the astronaut Bluu, confidently stepping aboard the spacecraft to conquer new milestones and opportunities in the future. AI & Web3 Technology Panel Discussion: Key Turning Points for MetaHub's Growth

The panelists were the strategic advisors such as Mr. Kaul Abhi – MetaHub Strategic Advisor and Partner Development Director at Syzygy Capital; Mr. Kevin Kuo – MetaHub Development Strategic Advisor; Ms. Gloria Ma – MetaHub Business Strategic Advisor, Co-Founder & General Partner at Yves Capital; Mr. Cathal Donnellan – Fund Development Advisor, CEO of SnapEx and Thunderbird Finance; and Mr. Udesh Dayarathna – MetaHub Technology Advisor, Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft.

During the panel discussion, these experts discussed the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and Web3 into the project. Their deep technological and strategic insights led to innovative and strategic perspectives on using AI to optimize planning and drive project development in the modern Web3 environment. The excellent combination of AI and Web3 creates new opportunities and maximizes modern technology's potential to achieve sustainable success.

MetaHub’s Embrace of AI, DePIN, and Global Cryptocurrency Payments

Announcement of the MetaHub MasterCard Physical CardThe summit also featured an exclusive discussion about the convergence of real-world assets (RWA), digital finance, AI technology, and blockchain, involving international tech giants like Microsoft, AWS, and Google Cloud, integrated into the MetaHub Web3 ecosystem. There was a deeper discussion about the trend of cross-border global payment cards, and MetaHub shared their excitement about this collaboration, which has undergone thorough review and approval by Mastercard. 

Honoring the Top Leaders of the MetaHub Community The top leaders of the project excel not only in specialized knowledge but also in strategic vision and community leadership. Their excellent leadership has expanded the project community not only in Vietnam but also internationally. By actualizing ideas, promoting collaboration, and creating a creative working environment, they have significantly contributed to the project’s growth and reputation. These top leaders are not just heads but also motivators, inspirers, and enablers for every member to shine and develop.

MetaHub Elite Gathering: Celebrating Creativity and Knowledge

Unlike the vibrant public event of The Lead of Light, the MetaHub Elite Gathering dinner had a warm, elegant atmosphere with shimmering lights. Strategic advisors and special project guests gathered here, creating a sophisticated and refined ambiance. Gentle violin music by artist Tu Xin, interspersed with lively discussions, created a perfect blend of professionalism and relaxation. Tokens of appreciation named after the project were handed out to the strategic advisors and over 300 honorary guests at the dinner.

Up to $1.4 Million in MEN Tokens as Rewards Following the MetaHub APAC Summit 2024

Following the success of this year’s largest event series for MetaHub, the project community continues to thrive, enjoying early benefits from two exciting activities named Mega Prize and Storm $1000. The clock is ticking; don’t miss out on financial breakthrough opportunities. Quickly get your NFT Pass to enjoy attractive benefits from MetaHub.

This demonstrates the influence of the Blockchain, Web3 & AI industries, contributing to connecting and bringing together communities, and attracting top experts in the field in Vietnam and globally.

MetaHub is a comprehensive solution for startups seeking methods to attract users and create quests while offering the most effective interactive advantage in the decentralized affiliate marketing market.

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