Massive Hype Around The Hottest Launchpad for Memecoins with 100x-1000x Returns

Massive Hype Around The Hottest Launchpad for Memecoins with 100x-1000x Returns

In the current bull run, the Solana ecosystem has emerged as the epicentre of memecoins, overshadowing the dominance previously held by BNB and ETH in the last bull run. Despite this shift, Solana's infrastructure for memecoins still lacks the robustness seen on other channels in previous seasons.

Enter MEMEPad, the pinnacle of excellence in the memecoin space, which is setting a new standard for the future of memecoins entering the ecosystem. MEMEPad, as a first-of-its kind project based on the Solana blockchain, looks set to bring much-needed access to the next generation of 100-1000x memecoins to investors. 

Blasting onto the scene, MEMEPad has just successfully closed its initial raise, with over $85,000 raised in the sale. The strong initial raise points to the need for an all-in-one platform for investors and memecoin launchers alike. 

Influencers such as Riko Crypto & Conor Kenny  have openly shared how bullish they are on MEMEPad! Stating that it has the potential to be the new hottest launchpad for Solana memecoins, with 100x to 1000x returns.

Empowering and Protecting Investors

With a strong ethos against scams and rugs, MEMEPad has been designed to be much more than a launchpad. Acting as a safeguard against rugs, scammers, ghost founders, etc. MEMEPad stands as a beacon, protecting investors from the pitfalls of rug pulls, scams, and inactive teams that have plagued the crypto world. 

Additionally, $MPAD token holders enjoy the added benefit of receiving airdrops of all newly launched memecoin tokens, rewarding their commitment and reward opportunities through providing liquidity down the line, with plans for fair launches in the future.

$MPAD is your golden ticket into the premier hub for memecoiners, and there has truly never been a better opportunity for any serious memecoiner in the Solana space.

Launching on MEMEPad

Launching a memecoin and want the benefits of a launchpad that has a wealth of experience in marketing, audits, tokenomics and technical development? MEMEPad could be the place for you. MEMEPad works directly with projects to ensure their launches get the lift-off they need to fly, and incubates projects with:

  • Tokenomics and Token Economy Modeling to ensure sustainability and growth.
  • Key Opinion Leader (KOL) and Angel Investor Rounds to secure strategic partnerships and funding.
  • Venture Capitalists (VCs) Engagement, providing launch advice and strategic guidance.
  • Technical Support with token deployment, website, and other technical requirements.
  • Marketing Strategy - comprehensive Go-to-Market strategy, planning and advisory.
  • Crypto Marketing Backing, through a top crypto marketing agency that has fundraised over $50 Million and worked with over 100 projects, ensuring optimal utilization of funds at this crucial stage.
  • Design and Socials for effective branding, messaging and engagement.

$MPAD: Not Too Late to Ape in

Following the successful raise of the $MPAD token, memecoiners are already strapped tight for the next 100-1000x token to launch on MEMEPad. $MPAD looks set to fly with a very strong list of token utilities which are specifically designed to increase demand and lock funds to reduce supply:

  • Hold to Raise: Minimum token balance required to launch projects on the MEMEPad platform.
  • Airdrop Access: MEME projects give tokens to MEMEPad for airdrops to MEMEPad token holders.
  • MEMEPad Airdrops: $MPAD token used for marketing & airdrops to token holders.
  • Staking/LP: Earn rewards by staking tokens or providing liquidity.
  • Team Burns: Periodic burns of MEMEPad tokens to improve the token price

If you missed the $MPAD sale, it’s not too late to ape in, as the tokens can be picked up on Pinksale at a price of 770 MPAD tokens per SOL, from 18th -20th April. After Pinksale has been concluded MEMEPad will be listed on both a decentralised (DEX) and centralised exchange (CEX) which are said to both be already confirmed by the team. Additionally, the tokenomics are strong, including, from a total supply of 10,000,000:

  • Presale - 10%
  • Dex Liquidity - 20%
  • Marketing - 15%
  • Development - 10%
  • Team - 15%
  • KOLs - 10%
  • Cex Liquidity - 10%
  • Ecosystem Rewards/Staking/Liquidity Pool (LP) - 10%s

$MPAD Roadmap

  • Pinksale Presale - 18-20th April
  • Launch Marketing Campaign - 15-20th April
  • TGE & DEX Listing - 20-23rd April
  • $MPAD CEX listing - 3-7th May
  • Launchpad Release - 3-7th May
  • Community Growth - 3-7th May
  • First Memecoin Launch - 6-9th May
  • First Airdrop - 1-3rd May
  • Moon - 3rd May - forever

MemePad will be the go-to haven for MemeCoin investors to get in early on the next wave of legitimate Memecoin launches with 100x potential on Solana. With plans to support bridging over to Base, Ton, Venom and Sui, $MPAD is set to be a big name in the Memecoin space this season. 

Buy $MPAD Now:

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