Antler Interactive to Showcase Their Latest Creation, Cloudborn, at GDC

Antler Interactive to Showcase Their Latest Creation, Cloudborn, at GDC

Stockholm, Sweden, March 14th, 2024, Chainwire

Antler Interactive is bringing their latest creation, Cloudborn - A Web3 PC RPG with a sprinkle of MMO - into the limelight at GDC 2024. The turn-based battler set in a fantasy sky island realm is poised to take immersive gaming experiences to new heights by intertwining cutting-edge technology to create enchanting gameplay.

The game births a seamless blend of strategic gameplay similar to Raid Shadow Legends and the accessibility of the Zelda franchise to create a turn-based RPG like no other. But that is where similarities end. Cloudborn is at the forefront of dynamic gameplay experiences, melding web3 technology and AI to create responsive worlds and gameplay, ultimately owned by the players. With tradeable NFT characters that develop in attributes and personality from the direct actions of the player, Cloudborn is taking immersive and player-owned experiences to the next level.

Antler Interactive, the creators of My Neighbor Alice, describes the game as one where players strategize in turn-based battles and players roam an ever-evolving world shaped by their actions. The beauty of the game is in how it utilizes the next-generation tech stack to create dynamic worlds and unique characters, whose attributes and personalities change according to players’ direct actions, creating a truly unrivaled gaming experience.

Which then are ultimately owned by the player, giving them full autonomy over their experiences. users can check out the Cloudborn game trailer and be impressed for themselves.

Cloudborn’s main features:

  • Dynamic World Building: The Cloudborn verse adapts and changes at the whim of the player, as every action has true consequences on the game's environment, all possible through advanced AI integrations
  • Evolving Characters: playable and non-playable characters evolve based on players’ interactions. These changes stick with the characters even after trading with other players via NFT metadata. Characters you inherit from others will remember their past, for better or worse. Any bonds or rivalries get passed on even after trading.
  • True Ownership: harnessing web3 technology, Cloudborn is giving players true ownership and autonomy over their experiences
  • Strategic Turn-Based Battles: Plan your battles with your army of character cards. Your character lineup and positioning matter on the battlefield.
  • Free Travel & Airship Base Management: The world of Miyunu is yours to explore. Take your customizable airship and explore the floating islands, upgrading your base as you go

Cloudborn will be accessible through the ownership of their in-game digital assets, which can be bought or leased, and will run on the Chromia blockchain.

Taking place on fantasy islands in the clouds, Cloudborn is a story of old. According to legend, over a millennia ago a universe-shattering war between 2 godlike powers, leaving behind a fragmented world of sky-islands corrupted the remnants of the war. Players are left to traverse through the skies on their mission to unravel the mystery of the conflict and explore beyond the known.

The Cloudborn verse is powered by a unique blend of AI and web3 technology, that has the sole purpose of elevating the gaming experience. Through AI, Cloudborn boasts a dynamic world-building experience, by which the gaming environments and characters react and develop in real-time based on player actions, giving rise to a deeper, unique gaming experience. As Oliwer Svensson, Chief Creative Director of Antler Interactive, says It's not just binary data, but rather it's unpredictable characteristics that are created by AI that molds your character”. Gameplay is further enhanced by blockchain technology, as characters, items, and progression are in full control of the player.

What makes Cloudborn truly special is how it elegantly intertwines the 2 technologies in a harmonious symphony by which gameplay is not only personalized and immersive but carries intent. Lenny Pettersson, CEO of Antler Interactive puts it beautifully, as he believes in using this new technology “as a paintbrush to create great and unique things.” Whether you are picking up Cloudborn for a casual play-through, or to get into the nitty-gritty of strategic gameplay and theory crafting, you are sure to be greeted with a gaming experience like no other - quite literally. 

Cloudborn will be demoed next week at GDC 2024, from the 20th to the 22nd of March at the Inworld Booth (2-6 pm, March 20th), and the BGA Booths (all day, March 22nd). Players can access more information on the game through their Twitter, Telegram, and Discord channels.

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