Over 90% of ApeCoin DAO rejects Apeverse project

Over 90% of ApeCoin DAO rejects Apeverse project

Although voting will stay open for two more days, as of December 6, the Snapshot page for the Apeverse proposal showed that more than 90% of the ApeCoin DAO votes were not in support of the idea.

AIP-123, aka “Apeverse - A Multi-language Web Hub for Ape Ecosystem and $APE Holders,” was presented to the ApeCoin community in September by ChrisL. The proposal seeks to build an APE ecosystem website called Apeverse to bring more utilities to ApeCoin holders and facilitate active community discussions. Notably, the website will support multiple languages and supply relevant information to ApeCoin holders in a timely manner.

Apeverse will also bring more utilities to ApeCoin, including payment and membership systems. Our goal is to create a hub for users to view information and interact better with each other through ApeCoin.

The proposal is the idea of ChrisL and AlbertK, both experienced players in the crypto space. While ChrisL claims to have worked with several top 200 crypto projects, Albert has been in the industry since 2016, successfully incubating 98Kdao and BroLeon, which are popular communities in Asia.

The duo requested $164,000 for the first year, with the break-even point for Apeverse estimated to come after 1 year. As per the proposal, the project will become self-sustaining in the future, generating revenue from the sales of merchandise and membership subscription fees.

As of press time, approximately 93% of the 614 votes were not in support of the idea. A comment attached to one of the votes against the proposal reads: “not necessary and the cost is too high.”

Surprisingly, there were several approvals for the idea within the ApeCoin forum. One member of the forum wrote:

Long believed that no project can truly scale without being multi-lingual. Have directly witnessed constricted growth in other projects, and have privately discussed BAYC within this risk vector. The one project I’ve seen try to capture this out of the gate is 0xThulu, hosting spaces in different languages and so forth. No comments on specifics right now other than: this is an important initiative.

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