One of Decentraland DAO's mysteries: district x

What is District X, and how did Robert Lynn come to own over four million voting power?

One of Decentraland DAO's mysteries: district x

A large wallet, 0xed7461fd98758a84b76d6e941cbb92891443c36f, possessing more than four million voting power delegated from wallet 0x49907511bdf0351daa417a87d349060876a42544, which owns this enormous voting power thanks to owning an estate consisting of 2,000 lands.

This wallet has recently engaged in several community proposals and, owing to its considerable voting power, often becomes the deciding vote for any proposal despite popular opinion. The address recently caused controversy supporting Tobik's application to become a Committee Member. In a twist of irony, this whale’s support has soured the community against appointing Tobik.  

Who is the Whale, and What is District X?

Initially, a group of contributors formed The Red Light District in Decentraland, with the initial timeline looking like this.

August 2017- The initial MANA ICO
September 2017- v1nc3nz0 suggests creating a ‘red-light district’
September 2017- Initial land sale begins
December 2017- 339 unique addresses collect 2,001 Land and form the ‘red-light district’

The original post outlining The Red Light District argued for creating a district discreet from other districts that would feature adult services/ products. It would be built away from other areas to prevent young users from accidentally coming across it. And from this thread, The Red Light District was born.

What Happened Next?

The Red Light District would go on to become District X, and the entire land holdings were essentially stolen by RobL, who appointed himself as the leader. RobL has not only taken Land with a significant dollar valuation- valued at $19 million in 2017- but has also leveraged this estate to push his agenda within the Decentraland DAO.

Initially, ‘Seven7VR’ was a group formed to ensure the rights of shareholders guaranteeing each contributor a share in the revenue generation and voting power. However, after a bitter falling out between RobL and Jeff- leader of Seven7VR at the time- in March 2018, things took a turn for the worse.

In August 2018, Robert Lynn (RobL) filed in Wyoming claiming legal ownership of the project. Several months later, in January 2019, Robert Lynn assumed leadership and announced the district would no longer pursue adult content.

What Now?

Robert Lynn has consistently silenced opposition and critics and, given his considerable voting power, can easily influence any proposal submitted to the DAO. Various attempts have been made to redistribute District X to the original contributors, but they have yet to garner sufficient attention to be binding.

Robert Lynn has stolen land that did not initially belong to him, and, given his oversized political power leveraged in governance, he poses a threat to the principles of Decentraland.

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