NounsDAO teams up with Atrium on Feature-length NFT film

NounsDAO teams up with Atrium on Feature-length NFT film

Over the weekend, NounsDAO approved a proposal to create a feature-length NFT movie based on its popular 8-bit NFT characters.

The proposal, which trails the successful release of the Nountown animated short film, will once again engage Atrium to “continually produce a series of episodic content via consecutive proposals.”

Dubbed "Nouns: A Movie," the feature film will be made up of several story acts that can be pieced together retroactively to "form the first feature-length cinematic content introducing Nouns to the world." As expected, Nouns NFTs will be the main characters, and the movie will explore their relationships and experiences in a way that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

The budget for the first installment has been set at $125,000, with a pilot movie set to be revealed in 90 days. Subsequent installments will be subject to the decision of the DAO on whether to continue funding the project.

The pilot episode will have a runtime of roughly three and a half minutes. And although creatives from Atrium will write and create the content, Nouns members will be allowed to submit story arcs and ideas for future installments. There will however be casting calls from the nounish community, allowing Atrium to select the main and auxiliary characters from interested community members. Some of Atrium’s creative that will help write and produce the film include William Yu, HKJay, Zen Doubt, 3DPrint Guy, and Meta Ent.

Atrium described the NFT feature film as a first for the NFT space, adding that “[it is] yet to see any other truly decentralized organizations make this level of commitment to quality, feature-length film production."

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