Nouns to Fund 3 Teams With $50k Each to Build Communication Clients Using The Farcaster

Nouns to Fund 3 Teams With $50k Each to Build Communication Clients Using The Farcaster

The Nouns DAO has announced an initiative to fund 3 teams to build communication clients tailored for the Nouns ecosystem. Teams can submit proposals to receive $50,000 each to develop clients using the Farcaster protocol over a 3 month period.

The goal is to improve how information flows across the decentralized Nouns community on platforms like Twitter and Discord. Currently communication is fragmented across subgroups focused on gaming, creativity, development etc. Relevant information rarely reaches the broader Nouns audience.

The new clients should leverage features of Farcaster to create a better user experience. Ideas include building Reddit-style forums to surface Nouns content or algorithms to showcase the most relevant Nouns updates. Clients should be mobile-friendly and integrate deeply with existing Nouns social channels.

The submission period ends March 11, 2024. The Nouns community will then vote on proposals from March 11-15. Winners will be awarded $50k in USDC each and receive support from lead organizers seneca.eth and ccarella as well as the Farcaster community.

Winners will also get discounts and credits from sponsors like Neynar, Pinata and Airstack. Neynar makes Farcaster development easy and is offering 90% off for 3 months. Pinata provides easy IPFS storage and will give free access to its Picnic Plan for a year. Airstack enables composable dApps and will provide $150 in credits.

The goal is to create a tailored, noise-free Nouns communication experience. Current options like Twitter and Discord aren’t ephemeral enough or integrated well enough into Nouns-specific social channels. New clients can preserve important Nouns conversations for longer and better serve subgroups like holders, creators, voters etc.

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