Next phase of Collab.Land ecosystem kicks off with introduction of COLLAB token and a DAO

Next phase of Collab.Land ecosystem kicks off with introduction of COLLAB token and a DAO

Collab.Land has announced the launch of its COLLAB token and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which marks the next phase of the Collab.Land ecosystem. The token is primarily for governance and use within the Collab.Land ecosystem, while the DAO will be responsible for governing the ecosystem as a community.

According to Collab.Land, the aim is to promote decentralization, which is one of the company's core values. The community of COLLAB token holders will work together to make decisions, vote on feature requests, offer bounties, curate the marketplace, and more.

Collab.Land is sponsoring the claim process for the COLLAB token. Starting February 23, 2023, until May 23, 2023, eligible parties can claim tokens without the need for wallet signing or paying gas. To be eligible, you must be a verified community member in Discord or Telegram, one of Collab.Land's top 100 Discord communities based on membership, longevity, and activity, or Collab.Land Patron NFT holders (token numbers 1-142) or Collab.Land Membership NFT holders.

The breakdown of token distribution is as follows:

  • DAO Treasury (50%)
  • Team/Investors/Partners (25%)
  • Retroactive Distribution (25%)

Retroactive Distribution breakdown:

  • Collab.Land Patron NFT Holders (token numbers 1-142) (16%)
  • Collab.Land Membership NFT Holders (16%)
  • Verified Community Members as of 2/14/23 (8%)
Note: Any unclaimed tokens by May 23, 2023, will return to the DAO Treasury.

The Collab.Land DAO (legal entity: Collab.Land Co-op) will oversee the Collab.Land Marketplace, curate and review new apps submitted to the Marketplace, and make other governance decisions. The Marketplace will house mini-apps built by the Collab.Land community of developers and will offer web3 communities more features and functionality beyond on-chain asset verification and token gating.

The announcement is a significant milestone for the Collab.Land ecosystem, and it's expected that the COLLAB token and DAO will play a crucial role in promoting decentralization and community governance. Interested parties can visit the page to claim tokens and join the Collab.Land Discord to learn more.

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