New Land Concession proposal to allow community members to develop public spaces in Decentraland

New Land Concession proposal to allow community members to develop public spaces in Decentraland
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Sequel to discussions about a revitalization strategy for Plazas on Decentraland, a member of the Decentraland DAO has initiated a formal process for a new proposal type known as “Land Concession.”

The proposal, from a user known as Yemel, went live on October 24. He called for the creation of a Land Concession that would allow anyone to request permission to deploy content on a specified land or estate. He wrote:

The spirit of this proposal is to encourage the development of public services that benefit the DAO and the whole community.

At the moment, the Decentraland Foundation controls public spaces such as roads and plazas. The new proposal seeks to change the status quo by introducing a formal process to “delegate” the development of public spaces to other community members. If approved, citizens of the metaverse platform will be able to “request the operators’ right of LAND and also to revoke a currently active concession.”

According to Yemel, the proposal should define details such as the coordinates of the land in question, the purpose and duration of the lease, the company signing the lease agreement, as well as the wallet receiving the rights to develop the virtual space.

Beneficiaries will have six months to use the LAND, after which the Land Concession will automatically expire and they will have to reapply to obtain a concession for another term. Meanwhile, any land that is not under an active concession will be managed by the Decentraland Foundation. Furthermore, the Foundation will also need to submit a Land Concession proposal like everyone else if it desires to secure the rights of a public place.

Although Yemel’s original proposal opined that concession should cover “Plazas, roads and other LANDs that the DAO might own in the future,” other community members said that roads should not be up for concession. Web3nit said:

I agree with permission to allow concession of Plazas and other LANDs but [aren’t] Decentraland roads the places that need to be kept public to keep them clean of content and always available for exploring?

Members of the DAO have until October 31 to either vote for or against the idea. In the meantime, it appears everyone is on board as all the participants have voted in favor of the proposal.

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