New ApeCoin proposal wants to bring Web3 into classrooms

New ApeCoin proposal wants to bring Web3 into classrooms

An Ape Improvement Proposal (AIP) to bring Web3 to educators and schools is currently before the ApeCoin community. Bored Ape Yacht Club member “TheTechRabbi” recently initiated an ecosystem fund allocation proposal for $84,951 in $APE.

Voting for “AIP-104: Bringing Web3 to Educators & Schools” began on November 4. As of press time, more than half of the 669 votes (59.74%) were in support of the idea.

In his proposal, TheTechRabbi explained that the best way to scale web3 is by getting educators and students involved. He wrote:

There is no better way to exponentiate this mission than bringing that very web3 ethos into classrooms to support student upskilling in web3. Blockchain is providing a slew of innovative opportunities for evolving education and the relevancy of student learning to the workforce. Our DAO events bring educators, who have no experience with this, into the fold in a practical and knowledgeable way so that they can create multiplicative opportunities for students.

TheTechRabbi will be working alongside Ed3 DAO, the first non-profit DAO for educators. In particular, the grant will be used to fund and sponsor Ed3 DAO to host various educational events over the next six months. Some of the already planned events include monthly masterminds, Ed3 unconference, weekly Edtalks, monthly member-led workshops, networking activities, and Edu talks on LinkedIn and Twitter Spaces.

thetechrabbi.eth said: "The Ed3 DAO is grateful for the support of the ApeCoin DAO and Ape community. We hope that beyond funding our work that Apes will play an active role in helping us reimagine what education can look like."

If approved, Ed3 DAO is expected to host six masterminds, six audio spaces, 24 edtalks, 12 networking events, and six member-led events within six months, the proposal stated.

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