MetisDAO Foundation debuts new grants program DAOTribution

MetisDAO Foundation debuts new grants program DAOTribution

Days after launching KORIS, an end-to-end operational infrastructure for DACs, MetisDAO Foundation has rolled out its “DAOTribution” campaign. The grants program is aimed at attracting contributors and working groups to start their Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DACs) on KORIS.

According to an official Medium post from the company, MetisDAO Foundation will open weekly Kohorts for qualified applicants to submit grant proposals and receive funding through the Metis token starting on February 6, 2023. The DAO has earmarked $15,000 worth of grants in its native Metis tokens.

The grants will be distributed in six weekly Kohorts, with $2,500 given to the top three voted DACs every week. The top DAC will receive $1,500, while the two runner-ups will each receive $500.

To access the grant, a working group’s proposal must support an existing DAO. Other criteria for eligibility include at least three verifiable individuals on the team, a live website/pitch deck, social media accounts, and a clear product or service that will be created or improved.

The DAOtribution will be a community-led decision-making process, putting the power in the people’s hands through DAO voting.

Applicants will be selected through a governance voting process hosted on the KORIS platform. Meanwhile, selected DACs will receive their grants from the MetisDAO Foundation after completing the onboarding process and proof-of-use milestones. The total grant amount will be paid later once the initial milestones are completed.

On January 23, MetisDAO Foundation announced the launch of KORIS, a first-of-its-kind platform designed to serve the needs of Web3 businesses. The platform comes loaded with features such as task and treasury management, Discord notifications, voting, contracting, on-chain resume, and payroll management.

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