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Loopring DAO will add Telos (TLOS) Token in response to the community poll

Loopring DAO, a decentralized exchange, recently conducted a poll among its LRC holders and liquidity providers to determine which token it should add next to the Loopring platform. The community was presented with four options: Telos (TLOS), Quant (QNT), Blur (BLUR), and Metis (METIS). The majority of voters, 49.27%, chose Telos (TLOS).

As a result of the poll, Loopring will be adding Telos (TLOS) to its platform along with the creation of a new automated market maker (AMM) pool. This pool will allow for trading TLOS against ETH, and to incentivize the adoption of the new pool, the platform will be offering protocol fee incentives during the months of July, August, and September 2023.

The addition of TLOS and the creation of a new AMM pool are expected to attract more users to the platform and increase trading volume. This is great news for TLOS holders, who can now access Loopring's decentralized exchange and trade TLOS against ETH.

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