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Linea Voyage Week 5 focuses on security measures and asset protection

Linea, an L2 network, has launched Linea Voyage a nine-week challenge designed to stress-test the Linea network and prepare it for its launch on the mainnet later this year. The program consists of a set of weekly challenges and opportunities to explore the Linea ecosystem, and also help the engineering team validate and harden the testnet. With each voyage, participants can learn about Linea hands-on, see what the partners are building with the zkEVM, and earn points towards a set of celebratory, commemorative Linea NFTs.

Week 5 of the Linea Voyage, which runs from May 30 to June 4, will focus on security. The primary goal is to educate participants about the various security measures implemented on the Linea network. This program is designed to help users understand how they can keep their assets safe on the network.

During this week, participants will be given a set of challenges and opportunities to learn about the security features of Linea. The challenges will include tasks such as identifying potential security vulnerabilities and proposing solutions to address them. These tasks aim to help participants understand the various security protocols that are in place on the network.

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