Gitcoin community voted to fund Infinite Garden TCG

Gitcoin community voted to fund Infinite Garden TCG

The Gitcoin community has proposed the development of a game called the Infinite Garden Trading Card Game (TCG) to cultivate the Infinite Garden vision. The game is meant to evoke feelings of freedom, creativity, responsibility, accomplishment, and friendship, which mirror the core values of Gitcoin and the larger regen ecosystem.

The Infinite Garden TCG intends to explain critical concepts, such as private keys and self-sovereign identity, in a way that non-technical individuals can understand. The game includes two modes: Competitive, where players train to battle Moloch, and Cooperative, where they team up with friends to defeat Moloch, serving as a metaphor for the adversarial forces that exist within the crypto space. By overcoming Moloch, players can learn how to navigate the complexities of the crypto-verse.

The community is welcome to propose 3-5 cards to be included in the Alpha Set, from which 10-20% of Alpha Set primary sale profits will go to the Gitcoin Grants Matching Pool. They believe that the game has the potential to raise awareness of public goods in the NFT space and offer an innovative way to create a bottom-up headless brand, guiding new users through the crypto-verse.

The project is led by Colton, a Creative Director with Gitcoin who has experience in project generation, initiation, development, and completion. The game aims to offer informative stories and create an immersive experience for exploring crypto mechanics and the ecosystem, potentially fostering a sense of community and belonging for crypto enthusiasts.

The drawbacks of the game include the possibility that the cards and gameplay may not have lasting power. However, in the worst-case scenario, the regen library wiki will live on, and the collectible cards will raise money for the Matching Pool while turning degens into regens.

The Gitcoin community has proposed two funding options. Voting "Yes to $10k" will fund 40-69 cards, including three proposed by the Gitcoin community, and 10% of Alpha Set primary sale profits to the Matching Pool. Voting "Yes to $20k" will fund 69-150 cards, including five proposed by the Gitcoin community, and 20% of primary sale profits to the Matching Pool. Additionally, the community has the option to not invest in the Infinite Garden TCG.

The proposal has received a lot of support from the community, with a total of 2,076 people voting on the proposal. Of those, 80.94% voted "Yes to $20K" and 10.39% voted in favor of not providing any financial support. The Gitcoin community is excited about the potential of this project to promote a positive-sum future and introduce players to the infinite game of web3.

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