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Hacken's сommunity transforms into hDAO and offers 10% equity for 100 million HAI tokens

Hacken, a Web3 security company, has announced the release of their new Hacken HAI Tokenomics update. The update includes the transformation of their community into hDAO, and the distribution of 10% of their equity for 100,000,000 HAI tokens. The move is aimed at making the Web3 space more secure and trustworthy by providing accessible, open, up-to-date, well-structured, and easy-to-use data and tools to help users make informed decisions about which projects to trust.

Hacken, which has been working on building a public goods community of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of Web3 security since 2017, has been instrumental in nurturing the Web3 security auditing industry. Their services, which brought in 9 million in revenue in 2022, have helped double the market share of the industry in the last few years.

The HackenMerge program, which was also announced as part of the Hacken HAI Tokenomics update, is an innovative opportunity for HAI holders to invest in the future of Hacken and potentially reap the benefits of the company's success. The program allows HAI holders to deposit their tokens into a 100 million pool and receive a percentage of the company's shares in two years (based on their share). It is a 2-year futures contract for Hacken’s shares, as the company is working towards becoming a public company, according to a recent announcement at an AMA session.

The new tokenomics solution also aims to transform the HAI token into a Work-2-Earn, governance, and product-utility token. The goal is to make the HAI token more valuable by adding more use cases and utility to it.

Dmitry Budorin, a CEO of Hacken, announced the HolderMerge program and explained that the goal of the program is to align the interests of the two most significant groups of Hacken stakeholders: HAI community and Hacken equity shareholders. He also noted that the design of the program is to avoid risks to both Hacken OU and HAI holders.

The merger between Hacken OU and HAI holders is an opportunity for both parties to work towards making Hacken the unanimous Web3 security market leader.

Budorin said:

When launching a token we took a big responsibility to do all our best for its utility. We didn’t make millions from token speculation. But we did build a successful profitable business that feeds our families. With Hacken Merge we unite every HAI holder with every other stakeholder around the same goal – make Hacken unanimous web3 security market leader.

The move also sets the foundation for Hacken to become a voluntarily public company. Budorin and other shareholders will have all the rights to make further equity sales via HAI, and vice versa, HAI holders can use it for any other purchases and acquisitions.

Overall, the Hacken HAI Tokenomics update, including the HolderMerge program, is a significant step towards building a more trustworthy and secure Web3 space. It provides HAI holders with an opportunity to invest in the future of Hacken and potentially reap the benefits of the company's success. It also aligns the interests of Hacken OU and HAI holders and sets the foundation for Hacken to become a voluntarily public company in the future.

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