GORJS DAO votes to keep exclusivity within the group

GORJS DAO votes to keep exclusivity within the group

One of the recently passed proposals will ensure that only holders of FKWME Passes can earn any tokens, a decision that could help maintain the exclusivity of GORJS DAO.

On Wednesday morning, voting on three separate proposals from GORJS DAO ended. While two of the proposals sought to gauge the community’s interest in high-value collabs and potential staking, a third proposal asked members to vote on how the DAO should engage with those who felt they had missed out on the FKWME passes and ultimately had no tokens.

Holders had to choose between launching a DAO application to give GORJS tokens to those who do not hold a FKWME pass, providing opportunities for non-holders to engage in Discord community activities to receive token allocations, and not providing any opportunities to earn GORJS tokens at all.

62% of the voters opted for the option of not providing any opportunities whatsoever. One voter leaved a comment to the voting transaction, stating that those who wish to own tokens should acquire a FKWME pass.

The FKWME Pass is a limited NFT collection for those interested in joining GORJS, the world’s first beauty creator DAO developed by the NYX Professional Makeup brand of L’Oreal USA, Inc. The 1,000-sized, token-yielding NFT drop made its debut at the beginning of the year for 0.15 ETH apiece, making it the first point of entry into GORJS membership for early access and rewards.

At genesis, FKWME Pass holders will be the only GORJS members eligible for early access to the genesis artists’ collections (e.g., airdrops, allowlists). Genesis holders and artists will also be the first parties to receive GORJS token allocations.

As for the two other proposals, more than 99% of the community voted in support of a proposal to provide holders with allowlist spots for high-value community Collabs. Similarly, about 92% of the voters were interested in staking their GORJS NFTs for a multiplier on their daily GORJS token yield.

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