Gitcoin Elects New Steward Council to Guide DAO Over Next 6 Months

Why do Gitcoin DAO elections matter? They determine the leadership that will guide the DAO's development and growth over the next 6 months.

Gitcoin DAO just concluded its latest vote to elect 8 members to the Steward Council, who will serve ~180 day terms starting now. The multi-day off-chain vote saw over 3K voters participating via Snapshot quadratic voting.

With 13 candidates on the ballot, the election saw JR-OKX emerge victorious with 36% of the vote. Other winners include Vikram, Essemharris, Deana, JAYBKMB, Janos, Vinayvasanji, and TheCollinsFamily. The new council features a diverse mix of contributors across various Gitcoin workstreams.

During their terms, the Steward Council will be responsible for coordinating the DAO's operations, managing budgets, and helping set strategy. As a fast-growing organization at the intersection of Web3 and public goods funding, Gitcoin's leadership plays an important role in guiding development.

While quadratic voting aimed to maximize voter expression, debate continues around optimal formats. However some view the election as affirming Gitcoin's commitment to community-driven leadership.

As Gitcoin evolves from its roots as a grants platform into a mature DAO, leadership transitions like this Steward Council vote will only grow in importance. With its substantial treasury and influence, Gitcoin's trajectory in areas like governance and sustainability will impact wider Web3.

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