Five $Ape holders to battle for slots on ApeCoin Special Council

Five $Ape holders to battle for slots on ApeCoin Special Council

Voting on the nominees for ApeCoin DAO’s Special Council closed on Thursday morning. The DAO has now selected five candidates who will progress to the Special Council election vote that will happen from Dec 22-28.

ApeCoin DAO kicked off its Special Council Election season in early November, asking interested $Ape holders to submit their applications before November 20.

According to details on the Snapshot voting page, 40 persons put forward their applications to be on the Special Council. However, as established by AIP-137, only five nominees can progress to the Special Council election.

If there are 5 or fewer Nominees, the nomination process is completed, no community vote is necessary, and the final Nominees become Candidates for the Special Council election. However, if there are greater than 5 Nominees, then a community vote shall take place.

veratheape, Matt Solomon, Gerry, herb, and Gerard Hernandez received the highest number of votes (in descending order) from the community nomination process. These individuals will now be subjected to another round of voting to fill up the open slots on the Special Council.

When asked about the one item she is passionate to achieve during her tenure on the council, Vera said the first thing she’d like to achieve was “building the ecosystem by hosting hackathons and establishing partnerships.” According to her nomination page, she intends to “offer perspectives from Asian communities,” “uplift women through platforms that encourage engagement,” and “create a framework for successful DAOs.

Matt, who has experience in investment banking and business strategy, said one of the things he will bring to the table is act to as a “liaison between Horizen Labs — the company behind ApeCoin’s tokenization and staking — and the ApeCoin community.” This is in addition to prioritizing “improved communication, efficiency, and transparency.”

Gerry is also quite keen on communication between the council and the community, asserting that “I will make it my personal task to improve communication between the council and the community […] The plan is to introduce POAPs in the beginning, followed by games and more juicy incentives after we migrate our town halls to The Otherside.

As already mentioned, the Special Council election will run from December 22 to 28, with the newly elected members beginning their terms in January 2023.

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