Exodus: Goodbye World Strives to Integrate Classic MMO Experience with NFT-Based Asset Ownership in Metaverse Gaming

Exodus: Goodbye World Strives to Integrate Classic MMO Experience with NFT-Based Asset Ownership in Metaverse Gaming

Exodus: Goodbye World, a Metaverse role-playing game (M.R.P.G), is venturing into uncharted territory in the landscape of Metaverse gaming. The game aims to combine elements of classic MMO experiences with the contemporary idea of NFT-based asset ownership. Built on Decentraland, and situated on a 10x15 estate at coordinates 126,44, Exodus offers features such as resource gathering, item creation, and a combat system slated to launch in late June.

Exodus also provides an opportunity for players to engage in peer-to-peer trading of in-game items and currency. This feature has been developed with support from a partnership with the Decentraland DAO’s grant system, a collaboration that has reportedly allowed the team behind Exodus to focus on the game's progression.

The developers of Exodus aim to address common critiques in the blockchain gaming industry, such as quality concerns, lack of content, and instances of rug pulls. By committing to a regular schedule of content updates and ongoing development, they hope to build trust with their player base. Rather than launching a full game at once, the team has opted to roll out a public beta, inviting anyone to join and provide feedback.

While Exodus is about to mark its first year, plans for expansion are already in the pipeline. These include the introduction of companion pets with unique abilities, and an in-game exchange for all players to trade game items. Peer-to-peer trading among individuals will remain an option.

In alignment with the SEC's regulations on crypto-based tokens, Exodus has not pursued an ICO for a token sale. Instead, the team plans to legally introduce the Exodus game currency as an on-chain game item.

Exodus's main game is set to launch in September, with several updates anticipated before then. The game will remain free to play, with an optional battle pass-like membership offering players specific tasks for additional rewards each month. Rewards will include unique NFT skins and overrides, and small amounts of additional xp and resources.

The team behind Exodus is hopeful about the potential of their early entry into the market, anticipating that it could facilitate the creation of new video game companies and revolutionize game item ownership. They are also exploring the possibility of item interoperability across games, facilitated by blockchain games and web 3 connection devices known as wallets.

As a newcomer to the Metaverse gaming scene, Exodus: Goodbye World represents an attempt to integrate traditional gaming elements with the emerging trends in the blockchain gaming space.

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