dYdX DAO moves governance forum from Commonwealth to Discourse

dYdX DAO moves governance forum from Commonwealth to Discourse

The dYdX community is poised to take its governance discussions elsewhere in a bid to improve community participation. On Tuesday morning, the DAO approved a proposal that sought to dYdX’s governance forum from Commonwealth to Discourse.

According to the author of the proposal, Immutable Lawyer, Commonwealth was not the best platform for the DAO because it has “failed in providing the community with an effective means of connecting, conversing, and debating topics which are pivotal in guiding dYdX towards a progressively decentralized landscape.”

He arrived at this conclusion after analyzing the community’s participation in some seemingly “pivotal” discussions. For instance, a Commonwealth thread about how successful the DAO’s Grants Program had been received just two comments. Similarly, discussions around reducing trading rewards by 45% received 19 comments.

For some context, dYdX has over 200k followers on Twitter and more than 57k Discord members. Immutable Lawyer believes that this lack of participation was due to the choice of governance forum platform, adding that “a community need not necessarily solely be restricted to dYdX token holders.”

Token Holders are merely a category within the dYdX Community. The Community is made up of traders which do not necessarily own dYdX, dYdX Token Holders, [and] users that cannot afford adequate dYdX exposure but like the dYdX ethos.

The author recommended migrating to Discourse on the grounds that it will provide a seamless UI experience and allow users to participate in a discussion at the forum stage of the governance process without linking their wallets.

The idea was largely welcomed at the forum. However, commenting on the discussion, the Co-Founder and CEO of Commonwealth Dillon revealed that Commonwealth statistically had more user participation than Discourse. He said:

We’ve migrated several forums to us from Discourse, and one of the benefits that we usually see is that Commonwealth averages 8-12% token holder participation and Discourse averages 3-5% token holder participation.

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