DeFi DAOs to dominate DAO voting scenes in February

DeFi DAOs to dominate DAO voting scenes in February

According to research conducted by the DAO-centric data analytics site, DeepDAO, DeFi DAOs will continue to dominate the DAO voting scene this month. Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) in this category will record over 170,000 governance votes in February.

Using an algorithm to analyze past voting activities, DeepDAO predicts that DeFi could see more than 170k votes in February, a figure that is within the same range as January. It is worth mentioning that about 200 organizations were grouped under this category, making it the DAO category.

While voters’ participation in DeFi DAOs is expected to remain fairly constant, Gaming and NFT DAOs should expect a significant drop in numbers. Notably, the number of votes in both categories will each drop from around 41,000 in January to 27,000 in February. However, DeepDAO noted that although several DAOs are categorized in the NFT space, Gaming DAOs vote more frequently.

Coming in fourth place are Investment DAOs, which should also look forward to a slight drop from 15,000 to 12,000.

Despite the predicted downturn in the major DAO categories, some segments will witness some growth in the number of voters. Infrastructure, DAO tools, Work & Hire, Greater Good, and Physical Assets are all expected to see some mild growth.

The DAO tools category includes 39 DAOs, but their voting frequency is modest. Maybe many are early stage, and still smallish? Physical assets, the hyped up and coming category, is still relatively small, with 23 DAOs, 690 votes in Jan., and 1.8k predicted for Feb,” DeepDAO wrote.

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