Decentraland DAO’s difficulty in finding a new committee member

Decentraland DAO whales block all five potential candidates for the Committee

Decentraland DAO’s difficulty in finding a new committee member

The Decentraland DAO passed a proposal outlining a pay structure for Committee Members in September 2022. The proposal came from Committee Members Yemel & Kyllian and passed with overwhelming support.

Part of the motivation behind the proposal was to fairly reward the incredible work that had been undertaken voluntarily. Another motivation was to attract talented members to become Committee Members.

The Committee has only had two members for the last year, with the third member leaving their post in early 2022. At the tail end of 2022, an open call to appoint a new member received ten applications, two of which stepped down from the process, and the DAO Committee narrowed this list down to five final candidates.

All five applicants who made it to the final selection and a community vote were rejected. AwedJob, Szjanko, Tobik, Martriay, and Champ all won by popular vote, garnering more yes voters than no. But all of these candidacies were blocked by DAO members with considerable voting power.

Three DAO members voted against all five proposals. Beluga, MetaArchs (developers working on Decentraland), and an unnamed wallet.

Beluga has nearly 4.4 million voting power, all from holding MANA.

MetaArchs only has 392 voting power but has been delegated close to 4 million voting power (3.3 million from wallet 0x5326a48a8badfbbf2fb6c4a03ae6685919e3040f and 500,000 from Bekiodish).

Wallet 0xed7461fd98758a84b76d6e941cbb92891443c36f that had been delegated 4 million voting power from wallet 0x49907511bdf0351daa417a87d349060876a42544 (a search on Debank reveals this address to a Gnosis multi-sig safe).

Each candidate received close to two hundred votes from the community, and more in some cases, but in each case, three large holders drowned out the community’s opinion. Highlighting one of the crucial weaknesses of token ownership DAOs- whales have disproportionate control over the final outcome.

What are the reasons for the rejections? None of the entities in question commented on their reasons for rejection, and it may be reasonably assumed that they deemed them unworthy candidates for the position. The Committee will remain with just two members until another open call occurs and these whales find a candidate to their liking.

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